Floating Island at Hammonasset Beach State Park

Good morning all! I have a pretty awesome floating island picture for you this morning. Because, well…it seemed like a floating island sort of morning! This photo was taken and sent in by reader¬†Vitaly Shemyakin. It was taken at¬†Hammonasset Beach State Park in Connecticut…

Hammonasset Beach State Park Connecticut Vitaly Shemyakin

The picture itself is really quite beautiful, but the floating island (complete with lighthouse, I might add) is definitely the highlight of this photo! Conditions in this area must have been just about perfect to create this effect. The island appears to be floating most likely because of it’s reflection in the water. It was probably slightly foggy, which obscures the horizon in the background, making it look like the island is just suspended in midair.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a creepy floating ghost boat around here somewhere either…

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