Floating Bill Gates Optical Illusion

Hurray, I’m back from my summer vacation! Well, probably I’m not the happiest person, since I really had some awesome times this summer. Many, many exciting things happened to my personal life in short period of time. I had some bad moments, and some lovely ones. Altogether I’m still under influence of Mediterranean atmosphere, so don’t mind my relaxed approach in next couple of days.

Not to bore you with my personal life, here is a submission I just opened in my mailbox. It was sent by Jason Mayoff who wrote: “Notice the Mac in the background on Bill’s desk. It doesn’t do anything special, just interesting that he’s got a Mac on his desk. It’s from 1985, just after the release of Windows 1.0.” The illusion is in continuous motion the flashing effect triggers. Hope you like this kind of illusions. I think it’s rather funny… Expect new posts soon (maybe even tonight)!

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  1. I been seeing the website for a couple days now…i think ill sign up and post woth all of you….I will sign up, How do I?

  2. I was starting to get bored with this site, and was thinking of taking it off of my google page, and this has made up my mind for sure. It’s not fair to those who can’t look at blinking pictures because of neurological disorders. Blinking pictures should have to be opened instead of blinking on your homepage!

  3. would be funny if when to truncates the screen changed from microsoft to sucks. giving the illusion that microsoft sucks.

  4. @ Anonymous:

    “I been seeing the website for a couple days now…i think ill sign up and post woth all of you….I will sign up, How do I?”

    Ok… So here is how you sign up…
    The first thing you want to do is to go to google and create an account if you don’t allready have one… then just type in your GOOGLE account name and password into the sign in place… Unfortunutly, on this website, you can’t realy sign up… you are really just using your google account…

    PS: Email me at linemasterjorbob@gmail.com if you have any questions…

  5. I don’t like these ones, they make me dizzy. And there’s no mystery as to how they’re done! One of the worst kinds of optical illusions in my opinion!

  6. omg this will need to be removed from my google home page, as someone with photosensitive epilepsy THIS IS THE WORST THING THAT COULD EVER BE ON MY FIRST PAGE.

    please change it a.s.a.p

  7. OH MY GOD IT FLASHES! Everyone just needs to calm down, who cares if it flashes, if you don’t like it, move it down or remove, stop crying.

  8. This is not an illusion. Open the .gif in preview and you’ll see that it’s 4 slices, not two. Please check this crap first. This is simply an animated .gif. Same thing as the Scream image from a little while ago.

  9. what’s with the people here?
    ur making this site for other people, and they’re rudely complaining about mistakes?!? its not ur fault ur human!

    and for the people who can’t see some illusions, i’m sorry for ur condition, but that shouldn’t stop 98% of the population to not be able to look at it too!

    anyways, i love ur site! hope u get more positive comments!

  10. Obviously you think more of Gates than many others…Simple minds Simple pleasures….this is just barfy making so I will close the WIDGET and get rid of the annoyance!

    This gives me nightmares O.o
    I always new bill gates was creepy…
    Im now gonna blow up his microsoft computer now :D

  12. Bill Gates wrote the first operating system for apple. He advised them to copyright it, after which they didn’t, and he ran off to create his own empire now known as Microsoft. Apple> The epitome of retardation.

  13. This is technically an illusion, not fake.

    Of course you’re going to need animation to switch between two different types of photo takes.

  14. When I first see it flashes, I kinda got it creepy! And what I saw it wasnt floating at all, its kinda like a zombie chasing me.

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