Floating Arrow Illusion

Remember the Cool Bro illusion from 2 years ago? This one’s very similar, in a way where street-painted arrow appears to levitate in mid-air. Caught by the sharp eye of Melissa, a reddit user who found it funny and decided to share her finding with our Mighty Optical Illusions community. If you come across similar interesting stuff, don’t be a stranger – submit them illusions using our email link in the footer of this site.

10 Replies to “Floating Arrow Illusion”

  1. No I think the arrow was originally painted in the wrong spot, then they covered it up with a black paint and then re-painted the arrow in yellow on top. Perfect illusion!

  2. I’ve seen this before, where the road department will spray black paint over the old marking and then put the new one down with fresh “traffic yellow” paint.

  3. Probably by a graffiti artist with a sense of humor. You can see marks in the drawn shadow that would not be in a real shadow.

  4. Of course it is; the shadow is just painted on. It’s not a REAL floating arrow, it just LOOKS like one.

    It’s very well done, and very clever.

  5. They both are painted on the road surface – the black from the side acts as a shadow of the arrow.

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