Flashing Colors Optical Illusion

Good morning, and happy Thursday to you all! It has been a hectic week thanks to having Monday off, but once this week is over, everything should be getting back to normal!  So, how do you all feel about anything that flashes?  Since today is Thursday, we have found an optical illusion that may blow your mind, and quite possibly your eyesight as well!  Today’s optical illusion is all about flashing colors, and once you start looking at it, it is hard to look away!  There are just so many questions that go through the mind when you see this flashing illusion, but it sure is both fun and interesting.  The great thing about optical illusions is that you never know where one is going to appear.

Flashing Colors Optical Illusion

To make today even more fun for you, we have an album cover that has things wrong with it. This Andrew Gold album cover has things wrong with it, and now you all get the fun task of finding things that do not belong, and there is supposedly 32 things for you all to find! This optical illusion should keep you all busy for some time, and if you do find all 32 things wrong, be sure you leave a comment below so we can know what you all found. Good luck!

5 Replies to “Flashing Colors Optical Illusion”

  1. I’m not seeing anything flashy at all … am I doing something wrong?
    I even tried crossing my eyes, but it doesn’t appear to be a stereogram either…

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