Find The Hidden Black Bears!

If you had the opportunity to explore our Spot The Object category, specially it’s early days, you’ll quickly recognize who is the artist behind this beautiful poster. Steven M. Gardner loves nature and animals so much, he constantly comes up with new illusions such as today’s one. Your assignment is to find all of the hidden animals this card holds, and to help you just a bit – all of them are bears, black bears to be exact. Ready? Set! Start! First one to find them all deserves the right to brag about it in the comments section.

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  1. Can’t find more than 9, still love this one, because of the big variety of illusions this picture features

  2. 8 Obvious (when you find them) ones. Although it’s called ninebkbears. 5 mins later, still can’t find the ninth.

  3. I know that when you click on the picture it says “ninebkbears,” but I’ve counted 13 and that doesn’t include the to big ones. Some are bears within a bear and some are as small as a piece of bark.

  4. I think I might have found a tenth one, but unsure because it wasn’t as clear as the others. I like this one.

  5. I see one in the waterfall, one in the rock looking at it, one at the left bear’s feet, one outlined in sticks at the right bear’s feet, one outline in tree branched above the right bear, one in the background, and one in the rocks by the right bear’s feet, 7 hidden bears, + the two in plain sight, nine in total, did I miss any?

  6. I count 6 fairly easily, but down in the rocks at the front – smaller with less detail – it seems that there are 3 or 4 more. In the rock below the standing non-hidden bear is one that is easily seen, but also, perhaps 1 or 2 more in that same rock – instead of legs it might be a head and facing left/down might be another head. The black spots in the bark of the trees also might be some hidden bears. How much imagination are we allowed to use!

  7. Reminds me a lot of Bev Doolittle, but I still think she is one of the best at this type of hidden art. She can tell a story through her painting like none I have ever seen. My favorite is “Two More Indian Horses”.

  8. I found 6 hidden bears (three in the rocks, one in the water, one in the branch on the ground, one in the tree), plus the 2 main normal bears, plus the one big one in the background.

  9. I see three in the rocks
    one in the water
    one on each bottom part of the two trees
    and one in the background
    oops i see seven

  10. hhrr 7 without the 2 obvious…but still i loved it…plus i saw some new illusions from Andrew Walker created for Alton Towers Resort – Nemesis Sub-Terra..the theme was an elevator…a very good one!

  11. I can only see 9:

    * 3 in the rocks
    * 1 in the water
    * 2 outlined by branches
    * 1 in the background
    * 2 in the foreground

  12. 7.
    2 obvious ones, giant head in the background, one directly under each of the obvious bears, one in the middle fron rock looking right and one made of water to the right of centre.

  13. I see 7 + 2 = 9 total. With title of the picture being “ninebkbears,” I’m guessing that I’m either correct or off by 2!

  14. I can see 7. If I’m right which I know I’m probably not, but if I am, (I’m dancing right now and shouting this out)”I got it ri-ight, I got it ri-ight!!!!!”

  15. Where guys??/ i can only spot one black bear besedes the obvious 2! The rest of the bears that i can spot are not exactly black in colour!!!

  16. I saw two that didn’t look like bears at all. They are in the rocks under the two blk bears you can see. Am I crazy or what?????

  17. Can not find more than 6 hidden ones :
    -three in the driftwood/rock below the 2 bears
    -one in the flowing water below the bears
    -one to the far right of the right bear- in the back ground
    -of course the one large face inthe background behind the birch trees.
    that is 6. some suspecious forms in the leaves and other backgrouind areas but nothing that really could be varified by others too seeing it.

  18. I can hardly BEAR to admit that I can only find 8 Bears in the painting.Some of them are BEARly visable.BEAR in mind that this was a very difficult painting to make.

    1. also, based on some of his other work, I think there are only 7 + 2 and that some of you said 9 + 2 because the title of the image is ‘ninebkbears’, not because you actually found 9 hidden

  19. Beat this !
    i’ve seen 12 + the 2 obvious. :-) Seruously people, where have you seen 9 hidden bears? With all my effort ,i couldn’t spot more than 6 hidden ones.I would really like a hint for the 3 others ,if they really are there, not only something that looks like but is not.But if someone can really find 9 hidden bears in this picture I congratulate him/her with all my heart :-)

  20. In addition to my previous text:
    I’ve spotted 3 things that may look like a bear but im not sure about them .They dont have the obviousness of the other 6 objects.
    I think that these are not really a bears , but my mind is trying to find as mush as possible, given the assignment so i’m maybe forcing myself to see something that is not there !
    Does anyone shares my point of view?

  21. Hopefully this is my last entry.I’ve spotted 7 hidden bears + the 2 obvious and I think that this is my limit :-)

  22. I see nine hidden bears – three in the rocks, one in the water, one in the tree limbs, one in the twigs above the rocks, one in the background and two bear faces in each of the tree barks next to each of the non-hidden bears.

  23. most of you people are crazy! by a big stretch in imagination I can find 6 or 7 hidden which doesn’t include the two obvious critters on either side. but anymore than that and you’re just making rocks and wood into what you think may be bears.

    and although some other people may think these things are “cute” they really ain’t (yeah, they EAT people!). just check out those claws and teeth. you also aren’t gonna out climb or out run them. not even a vehicle is safe (unless its big and you can start and subequently run right over the critter). the only realistic option is to shoot them.

  24. There’s a full bear outline in tree branches in the upper right, also do all off the trees leaves together make the head of a bear facing profile right.


    I found 10 + the obvious 2

    – water bear… big rock bear… center background bear…
    at the base of three there are 3:

    – a face sketched at the base of the bulk of the three:
    – and two on the rocks near the base of the log one laying down sideways… (and pardon my french) the a$$ of the one laying is the front of another. in a menacing stance with a cloudy/shadowy face.

    -one face in the grass between the legs of the “obvious” bear on the right
    – the outline of a bear in the branches and leaves above the obvious bear on the right
    – what seems like a bear coup whispering in the water bear’s right hear carved on the rock.
    – And the least obvious… and I think I see a bear maybe I’m seeing bears every where by now… a negative image of the background bear above and to the right of the obvious bear.

    The outline of the leaves seems like a Bear too… but it’s a little to far fetched to me

  26. i found 12 bears im not sure if there is more so can some one please tell me ?? thank you for your support and i do hope you can help me. mwah!!

    call me zakiya you can ffind me on facebook my fb name is zakiya emo-chik cornelius please reply. i beg of you….

  27. I just spent today going through this blog and some of you posters are really nuts. Did you try that schizophrenic test? lol Better make sure you didn’t get the schizophrenic answers, because you guys are seeing bears everywhere, same with the face in the woods and some others. You’re making it up in your own heads. Being creative is one thing but this is too out there.
    There are no bear faces in the bark at all, although I can see the two that you THINK are there, they are CLEARLY not bear shaped, but are an almost-facsimile of a face. Same with a few others. I can only find 7 ACTUAL bear shapes, plus the two real bears. Anything past that, that has been described in here so far, is not a bear but your mind messing with you with all of your wishful thinking. I’d recommend taking some psychology classes, because I feel like I know what group of people you would be in if you ever had to do a study like the Stanford Prison Experiment, or Milford’s experiments.

  28. There seems to be 1 obvious stalker bear, and 1 “very hard to find” one.

    PS. I found 15 which i dont think i should be able to find… I think my imagination has gone wild

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