Find The Hidden Horses!

Another Spot The Object Illusion done by Steven M. Gardner! How many hidden horses can you find in the image below? There should be more than ten! Also, see if you can help me with my previous post and send some screenshots for our new project (it’s easy!). If you liked this image, there are much more inside belonging category, such as: hidden Wolves, Dolphins, more Horses, Pandas, even more Horses, Faces, Birds, Deers

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  1. Yes, I saw 11 counting the two obvious ones… I actually have a Steve Gardner print of hidden Cougars on my wall….

  2. Maybe im weird but i think i see 13… 1In the cloud 2the lightning 3the rock 4the smoke 5the ground 67two in the tree 89two obvious ones 10one in the tent 11one getting rode on the mountain 12one on the moon 13and one with the tree branches

  3. actually there’s 12. 2 obvious, cloud, lightning, teepee, teepee smoke, tree trunk, tree branch, moon, giant rock, background with man on top and last one on the chest of the two main horses.

  4. There are at least 14 if you count the two main horses also. I made a copy with the horses I found highlighted.

  5. theres 14. 4 on the tree. 1 in the clouds. 1 in the lightning. 1 on the mountain. 1 in the smoke. 1 on the teepee. 1 is the rock. 1 in the grass. 1 on the horses’ chests. 2 big horses. 14. wahoo.

  6. I see 12 at first try, maybe there are more but I don’t think so. Can you please post how many there are actually supposed to be?

  7. i saw fourteen horses. it was an awesome picture though, it hurts my eyes to try to find horses in this picture.

  8. i found 14 horses:
    1 on cloud
    1 the thunder
    1 on the biggest rock there
    1 small one on the tent
    1 in the smoke above the tent
    1 on the ground to the right of the log and down of the tent
    2 main horses
    1 horse in between the main horses
    1 on the bottom of the tree
    1 in the middle of the tree where the branch is sticking out
    1 on the tippity top of the tree where the farthest branches stick out
    1 between the moon and the top of the tree
    1 that a man is riding aaaalllll the way in the backround where the mountains are.

  9. i found 16… but its possible i missed some.. there were a few things that could have been horsees.. i didnt count them because i couldnt be sure; my computer monitor sucks…

  10. I see two in the clouds, the big one then there is definitely an eye below it, possibly a colt. Anyone else see this??

  11. I See 31
    4 in the grass
    1 on the teepee
    2 in the teepee smoke (if u look upside down at it)
    2 in the rocks on the ground
    5 in the tree
    8 in the clouds
    2 in the other rocks
    1 on the moon
    1 the guy is riding on
    2 on the horses in the middle
    2 the horses in the middle
    1 in the lightining

    lol i promise i found all of these!

  12. I see 12! :D I finally feel happy, because for once I can spot more than 10 in these illusions. Normally I’d find like 7 or 8 of them…

  13. uhm….. not to brag or NEthin, but…. i found 26!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can anyone find anymore? i’ll prove it…
    6 in da tree
    2 on da horses
    2 (da real horses!)
    3 on da ground
    3 in da rocks
    1 on the tipi
    1 in da smoke from da tipi
    3 in da cloudz
    1 in da lidhtning
    3 in da clouds
    1 in da moon

    beat DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I would like to know the answer and see where the horses all are. I have found 12 and can’t find the rest. There are three of us and we want to know. I have purchased the puzzle, looked at the box, looked at the puzzle and looked through the picture here on the site but still cannot find the other 2. The box says there are 14 so i want an answer. Is it possible to send us a picture with the answers on it? Thank you!


  15. I see 8. 2 obvious ones, 1 in the clouds, 1 in the rocks on the right wall, 1 in the lightning, 1 on the bottom of the teepee, 1 leading from the bottom of the left horses neck to the right horses elbow and 1 on the mountain in the background (it has a rider on it).

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