Escher on the Beach Comic

I have a fun little Escher style illusion for you today, which was sent to us by Stephen. (Thanks, Stephen!) I actually really love this Escher on the beach illusion, quite a lot! It’s a fun little comic depicting MC Escher laying out on a striped towel enjoying some rays at the beach on a nice summer day.

escher on the beach Stephen

There he is. Just hangin’ out. Workin’ on his tan. Hey, because even MC Escher needs a little down time every once in a while, right?

Of course, since this is Escher on the beach here, the tricky little thing that he is, not everything is as it seems. As you probably have already figured out there’s something a bit odd about this image. Can you spot the Escher oddity here? I’m not going to give it away for you either. You’ll have to figure this one out on your own.

Don’t be too jealous of Escher on the beach here! When he’s done on vacation, he still has to head back to the office like the rest of us!

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