Creepy Shadow Person Drawing

Today’s illusion was sent in by Ruben via the Mighty Optical Illusions Facebook page. Thanks, Ruben!

In my opinion, an optical illusion doesn’t have to be super complex to be great. Sometimes the simplest illusions are enough to make you stop and go “wow!” That’s what today’s shadow person drawing optical illusion is all about…


This shadow illusion is nothing more than a pair of eyes drawn on an otherwise blank piece of paper. All the artist needed after that was a well placed shadow to make it look like a shadow person was staring back at him.

I think the eyes add enough of a wow factor here, but I can’t hep but wonder if it would look just as cool if the rest of the facial features were drawn as well. Add a nose and mouth, and you’d have an entire shadow person, not just a creepy pair of eyes. Then again, maybe the effect of a creepy shadow illusion would be lost with too many details. It might look like just another portrait that happened to be in a shadow.

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