Creative Drawings One More Time

Since you asked for it, and I promised to share – here is the second part of the creative drawings collection. These were submitted by Remy as well. So, which part did you like more? This, or the previous one? If I’m correct, some of the pictures below were originally “invented” by Escher, while others were obviously very inspired by him as well. Like it or not, my favorites are the first two.

I get a lot of question from those using MySpace, regarding the “Illusion of The Day” application. Remember, if you: have slow connection, use Google Chrome web browser, or have made some restrictions to the app while adding it, wait for few seconds before the illusions load in your profile (or home surface). If this doesn’t help, try scrolling through recent illusions (“1-4” or “1-10” button in your app), and they should start appearing. Here, hope this helped. If you experience some errors, and know how to fix them, be sure to email me :) Btw, here is another random illusion for you.

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  1. man these r really nice drawings!!!!
    my fav one is the one where u can c the girls legs in the drawing
    it looks sooo realistic!

  2. first one is definitely my favorite. Not only is it a use of perspective, it also has a deep meaning to it. (well, i don’t know if thats the intentional use, but i think of it like the title would be “putting my life together”)

  3. Thank you for sharing these. They are very cool!
    You’re right about the Escher influence. The picture with the hands drawing each other is a M.C. Escher original from 1948 (you can see the date in the upper right corner) called ‘tekenen’ which is Dutch for ‘drawing’ (as in ‘he is drawing a picture’). Keep up the good work!

  4. These are brilliant! The last one is actually quite sad when you analyze it.

    Maybe I’m reading too much into it but it looks like the artist is trying to save the alcoholic by diverting the stream of drink away from the class.

  5. Ah, the classic hands drawing each other, love it! I think the ballet dancer’s pretty cool, and the one of the hands building each other. I can’t decide if the first one has a real hand doing that, or if it’s all drawn – if the latter it’s cooler, to me, but it’s still a good picture.

  6. Wow!
    These are very cool.
    Keep up the good work with the finding of the illusions!
    I go on everyday and am always amazed by what I see.

  7. wow i think thee are reallu good. i like the ‘updated’ hands one (best way to put it) is really good. i thnk my favourite one has to b the ballerina one. it must hae taken age to draw these! well done ^^

  8. these are dead cool.
    Im not sure which set i prefer, you did a good job separating them into two different categories, especially since they’re the same collection. These seem to take the spirit of the last set, and take it in a different – more surreal direction.

  9. is there supposed to be some tpe of meaning to the last picture? i did not understand that one other than that guy was drunk… lol but i was able to see that the escher drawing was real. i recently did a study of that sketch in m art class… very inspiring! my main interest was the dancer though. very cool indeed.

  10. These are some of my favorites- I love the wit involved with the art.

    Bonnise, the drunk is pouring from the bottle the to the brushstroke of the artist – I almost missed it too.

  11. They’re all great! I like the first 3 most. And you put up “DRAWING HANDS” by MC ESCHER!!! I love that drawing! I wrote a 6-page essay on that work for my Art History class.

  12. Ha my moms ex boyfriend had the first one and the forth one in hes gradge!! lol i always though that is was sooo cool

  13. Dude, what’s with that third one, with the lady drawing her feet? It looks like an X-ray image! Also, love the last one, so koolios!

  14. These are some of my favorite illusions ! ! !
    Beyond cool and confusing at the same time ! !

    I give these photos and/or illusions a 10/10 ! !

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