Creating Ghostly Hologram Illusions

Halloween falls on a weekday this year and with all the hoopla of candy and treats, you might forget about the tricking part.

A ghost suddenly appears out of thin air.  What do you do?   Make sure you turn up the volume and turn off all the lights.  Muhahaha!

This company, AtmosFX created a fabric which is very similar to a mosquito net.  Essentially, this a see-thru projection screen.  To trick the naked eye, it must be set up along with a dark lighting environment.  Add in a speaker to create the spookiness factor with eery screams and howls.  This will increase your chances of projecting illusions of spirits and ghosts for tricking pleasures.

If you have not decorated your place for the Halloween party yet, this could be the solution that will wow your guests.  Also, check out these horrifying Halloween costumes.

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