COOL Optical Illusion Cube Drawing

If you follow this site regularly, you know that I’m a pretty big fan of artists and their ability to draw optical illusions. Today, I bring you a pretty awesome artistic illusion. Hopefully, this cool optical illusion cube drawing will blow your mind just as much as it did mine!

optical illusion cube drawing

Now, I know that this is a relatively simple optical illusion drawing. But, it still blows my mind a little. It really looks like there’s a hole in the paper with cubes falling. It also looks like there are cubes sitting on top of the paper as well.

This optical illusion cube drawing was created mostly with simple lines and shading for shadows. That doesn’t make it any less fascinating to me, though. Probably because I have zero artistic ability, so seeing someone able to do this just fascinates me. I did not get the artistic genes in my family!

Wanna see something just as cool as this optical illusion cube drawing? Definitely head over and check out this making of a hole drawing illusion video!

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