Color Tile Illusion – New Aspect

Greg Grease Lehman, owner of a relatively famous tattoo shop, and our regular submitter just pointed out that our previously posted optical illusion called Color Tiles Illusion had another interesting aspect. This was his email: “Hello Vurdlak, I was looking at your COLOR TILE ILLUSION. I believe the illusion works this way. The center brown cube on the top is the exact same color as the yellow cube in the center, on the shadow side. GREAT website… Keep up the great work.” This optical illusion belongs to “Color Adapting” category, where you can find more awesome color illusions. Specially check those tests, that point if you are color blind!

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  1. Yea this one is pretty neat. I even took it into Photoshop to have a look for myself and it came out just like this one did. Good Job!!!!!

  2. I couldn’t believe that those two squares were the same color until I saw the demonstration. I’m amazed!


    Dale Purves deserves credits for this. It’s about how your brain uses visual cues (like shading and contrast) to “adjust” perception. It’s proof you shouldn’t always trust what you see ;). I found his site some time ago and his work has always amazed me! You can find more of his work at purveslab.

  4. cool illusion…


    OMG everyone it’s photoshopped

    OH MA GAWD iz no’ real

    no lol i really like this one

  5. I bow to the creator of this illusion…. It looks so simple at first glance. I didn’t believe it myself until I took it into paint and messed around with it. They really are the same color. Completely amazing how our mind is tricked by the shading in this illusion..

  6. Its simple really…the computer merely alters the exact color with the shading…kind of like the way gamma works…the original color is the same, but its just darkened, or lightened to suit the “look” the user is trying to create.

  7. I have this illusion in an optical illusion book. I’ve done the “test” and it is true: They’re the exact same color! It is FREAKY when you see it happen!

  8. “i must have very good eyes cos they both already look brown to me.”

    This has nothing to do with how good your eyes are, but how your brains work.

  9. hey people,,,,,we don´t “see” what our eyes “see”….
    we “see” what our brain “see, transmitted from the optic nerve to a mental interpretation”

    you don´t need new eyes…
    you need a new brain!!

  10. You have to be kidding me. The one on the top in the first picture is obviously darker than the one on the top in the third picture.
    See for yourself.

  11. my friend has an optical illusions book and we were going through it and i found this illusion in the book and didn’t know what’s wrong!!!!

    I didn’t believe that for a minute at first but I took it into MS Paint and just got BLOWN AWAY.


    My brain had been LIED TO.

  13. you dont need to put it into paint to “check it out” just cover up all the image except the two brown tiles and you can see they are the same. hope to save someone some time :-)

  14. It is something unbelievable, at first i didn’t believed, but when i did that myself in Photoshop i was shocked. AWESOME

  15. Actually is not wired at all. Just think about it… our brain perceives those colors as different because in a real world scenario they would be different. It would be worse for a brain to not see a difference because such a brain would make a wrong model of the world.

    And yes, it’s the brain who does the trick, not the eyes. You don’t need new eyes, you don’t even need a new brain. Fortunately, your brain is normal (and actually very good) if you perceive those 2 colors as different.

    Cool illusion!

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