Collection Of Moving Optical Illusions

Staring into one of our many crazy moving optical illusions on Moillusions, only to suddenly realize that the image you were looking at was never actually in motion at all. Because this is the reason we offer optical illusions. To make you see something that isn’t actually happening. And they are so much fun! With that in mind, you should check out these trippy optical illusions that might just blow your mind.  When you need a break from that stressful workday, Moillusions is here for you.  

We compiled for you a collection of insanely mind-bending optical illusions that look like they’re moving, even though none of them actually are. Hard to believe, but when you try and segment a moving part of any of the following images, you’ll be surprised to find that none of them are actually animated.  Guaranteed to be stationary and static. Considering the illusions work due to the trickery of light, color, and perception by the eye. Don’t believe any of this? Try it out now!

These atom particles moving in unison are a trick to your eyes.  Are the big atoms moving?


This is a folded napkin that will make you dizzy.


Which direction do you see this tunnel spinning?


This one reminds me of Shreddies cereal.  Saturday morning cartoons, but my mother still did not buy Captain Crunch for me.

This pinwheel will cycle you into the abyss.



Did Jack receive some of these beans that grew overnight?

Looking for more moving illusions.  Try this one here.

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