Clear Pepsi Truck Optical Illusion

Good day to you all, and happy Thursday! The week is slowly winding down, and soon we will all be able to enjoy some time off.  When a day or two off does come, there is nothing more relaxing then kicking back, putting the feet up, and having a nice cool drink with lots of ice in it. Some people love to drink things like lemonade and ice tea, but others prefer something carbonated like a soda. There are two brands of sodas in the world that are the most popular, and they are Coke and Pepsi. Today’s optical illusion involves one of those brands, which is Pepsi.  Take a look at this truck carrying Pepsi, and you will notice that the truck appears to be see-through.  The truck really looks like it is clear, which makes it a great illusion. Perhaps this would have been an awesome marketing campaign for Pepsi Clear, when that version of the popular soda was released 20 years ago.

Clear Pepsi Truck Optical Illusion

Ready for another great illusion? Check out his illusion called how many bears, and you have to count all the bears you can find in it. Please let us know how many bears you all can find in this great optical illusion because we are not sure, and could really use the help! Also, other people will appreciate the help as well. Have a good Thursday!

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  1. This illusion (Pepsi truck) is not really an illusion, as the truck has been photoshopped !
    It is part of a whole serie of views, with the same truck, in the same place, with same shadow, but with a different frame on each view…

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