Charlie Brown Just Wants Some…

Charlie Brown Subliminal Optical IllusionHave you heard about subliminal messages, and methods big companies (or authors) do to insert them into their products? They were quite popular few decades ago, and you can still see number of instances where hidden stuff is implemented in such a way that not everyone will notice. One of the spoofs that references these was made by Brad Pitt in Fight Club blockbuster (when they’ve inserted a photo of male genitalia as a single frame into family movie screening).

Theory says that people unconsciously notice the subliminal message, which triggers an action desired it would by its author. For example, there is a legend theaters used to insert short frames of food and drinks into their movie rolls, hoping to awaken hunger and thirst among audience, eventually resulting with higher sales of their fast-food products. One such subliminal thing is supposedly hidden in Charlie Brown’s portrait. I’m not exactly sure where this came from, or whether it’s just a coincidence, but if you spot it – it should perfectly fit with the title of this article. Happy hunting!

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  1. I think this is a bit of a stretch. I’ll try to avoid a spoiler here, but Schulz has always drawn Charlie Brown in a similar fashion, and only with this particular expression does it look remotely like a message. I’m not buying the fact that every time Charlie Brown gives a ‘good grief’ expression like this that the cartoonist is trying to sneak a subliminal message in. I’m gonna have to side with it being a coincidence, although it’s still interesting to see.

    I imagine though, there is a different effect going on here than subliminal messaging. I’m sure there’s some psychological term for it, but it’s likely that if you have this on the brain, you have a better chance of finding the message!

    I was more impressed/shocked back in the day when I first learned that Disney movies like The Lion King had stuff like this drawn into them. The first time I went back and saw the subliminal messages drawn into those movies I was certainly surprised.

  2. Kind of a stretch…yeah, it could say that. It could also say “cat” or “hex” or “get” or be a simple picture of something. People have active imaginations.

  3. I can see the image of a woman’s head and upper torso next to Charlie Brown’s left shoulder. I can make out the swept-up blond hairdo, a vague face, and certain parts of her upper body, which are covered by a white bikini-style top. Very hard to spot, but very interesting once found:)

  4. His hair says sex.
    the first curl is the s, the loop is the e, and the lat curl with the line through it the x.

    At least that’s what i reckon

  5. Totally coincidence. Schulz was quite the Christian, until becoming a ‘secular humanist’ some time in the 80’s. ‘Peanuts’ often had some degree of religious undertones, but the messages were far more overt in his ‘Teen Charlie Brown’ series. Examples here:

  6. i can see the e and the x as being possibly drawn for subliminal purposes but the s is looks nothing like an s so i dont think it would work
    i proberbly would work as subliminal messaging if the s looked like an s and not like a backwards 2
    or a 7

  7. its actually an arrow on the right edge of the picture just a little more than 3 fothes of the way down pointing towards charlie
    but im sure that it only seems like that because the picture is cut, i dont think it was ment to be like that

  8. Just coincidence in my opinion. Yes, a particular word does appear to be written on his forehead, but there’s the extra line between the ‘s’ and ‘e’. Seeing that word says more about the person viewing it than about the artist. Hold on a mo… ;)

  9. that is stupid. It’s a case of searching too closely for something. You could find “sex” written anywhere if you tried hard enough.

  10. The T-shirt Charlie is wearing is related to the pumpkins during Haloween.
    Also a Charlie Brown booklet is telling about the Great Pumpkins.

    I do not see any hidden object in the picture, it’s more the characteristics of a pumpkin on his shirt.

    However, the picture seems not to be the full picture, there is a lot missing around him.

  11. “It” can be found everywhere you want to look hard enough for it. I can look out my window and find it in the branches of any tree. Whether it’s in the branches, Chuck’s hairline or the clouds in a Disney flick, like so many other things, you will find what you are looking for regardless of it being there either randomly or intentionally.
    If I want to see UFO’s and ghosts, I can find them too.

  12. no no no, u guys r not seeing it.beside, on his left side in the flowers there is a male part and a flower making the girl’s part.

    so there.

  13. It says “sex” on the left of charlie brown. The “s” is kind of choppy, but the “e” and the “x” are very clearly visible.

  14. I agree, anything in this is unintentional or more likely imaginary. BTW, excepting only one or two incidents which they acknowledge as true, all the Disney stuff is Rorschach pictures too. The couple bits they admit to are blamed on disgruntled employees working their last project before quitting or being fired. Come on guys, haven’t you heard of Snopes?

  15. well if the last letter is a x that makes the first letter a x to spell xex… then if you are trying to make a classic perverted and say sex then you must have issues… tired of looking at this site and its non optical illusions

  16. Looks like a piece of Lucy’s ass to his left and Charlie’s hairline reacts, but regardless, I’m still not getting it.

  17. Heheehe ..NOW quite with the 1st letter there .. the other 2 letters are OK… for people NOT spotting it … its a 3 letter word for nuptuals begginning with S and ending in X .. and if thats not a total giveaway now.. and look in his HAIR !

  18. I think what’s in a picture,such as this one, leaves much to the imagination. One person will see one thing while the next will see nothing. As for Charlie Brown, one can only imagine what’s on his mind.

  19. DO NOT READ THIS IF U WANNA FIND IT OUT URSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    lol. his hair says sex i think. charlie brown wants some sex. LOLLOLOL.

  20. Agree there is a tit in there. The picture is saying ‘milk’. Charlie’s facial impression is that of an infant wanting, usually, to be fed. The tit is located just below and out to his right ear. the flowers draw the tit shape.

    It’s milk.

  21. i saw the word on his forehead and the thing with his nose and eye, but i think this is a coincidence as he is usually drawn in a specific way.
    (if that makes sense…)

  22. Did you know that the theatre story is actually not true?
    Researchers in that time forgot to mention that visitors had nothing to drink on forehand, so they where actually thirsty :)
    On top of that, this study has been repeated a couple of times. And the effect of adding a ‘soda brand’ frame into a movie in order to increase sales of that specific soda is never found again!

  23. You guys are all up in the night. It is just another ploy. There is the power of suggestion of something hidden. So, you all look to find something that isn’t really there. But you will keep looking until you can make something up.

  24. My comment is deletet.
    Was I right then?
    Is spoiler not allowed here? (every one seems to guess out loud)
    Just let me now – I luv the site :D

  25. SO he was a Washtington Nationals fan before they were a team. (same logo as walgreens pretty much) ..

    I think you try too hard to find illusions in stuff that arn’t. This wasn’t good at all.

  26. It’s Dolly Madison. His hair makes the logo for D.M. Charlie Brown was in commercials for Zingers, made by…Dolly Madison

  27. There’s way better examples in Disney’s movies. Some placed there by disgruntled employees, (Little Mermaid box cover) some just by wishful thinking if you ask me.

  28. There is a dinosaur behind him milking a cow. look past the flower and stare into his eyes while ignoring the colors of this pic.

  29. If you look to his left, there a red circle and a orange circle, plus a green piece of grass inbetween him. Penis. I found that right away.

  30. I think it’s an add for condoms:
    1. his hair says ‘sex’
    2. there’s a small black arrow at the side of the screen pointing at his dick
    3. if you squint his body comes of the background and looks like a penis
    what do you think?

  31. his shirt.. its collors look like angry eyes and the zigzags look liike sharp teeth u ppl are just obbsessed with sex!!! =D

  32. Look at his hair, it says “sex” The twirl in the middle of both ends is a cursive e. And the one in both sides are “s” and “x”.

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