Car Trouble Optical Illusion

So, I got woke up with a phone call in the middle of the night last night. It was my neighbor telling me that the rear tail light on my Jeep was on. After a closer inspection, I discovered that I had left the key in the on position in the ignition. How I forgot to turn it all the way off, I’ll never know! That was really pretty stupid of me, right. This morning, the Jeep (obviously) wouldn’t start, and I had all sorts of erratic electrical problems. Come to find out, I fried the battery and need a new one. I absolutely hate car trouble, but at least it wasn’t something worse, right!

With all of the hoopla last night and this morning, a car trouble illusion just seemed fitting today…

car trouble illusion

That’s pretty much what I wanted to do to the Jeep this morning. Just crush it into a little pancake!

It’s a pretty simple illusion, created with a forced perspective pose. If you haven’t figured it out just yet, the car is in the background, and the person’s foot is in the foreground, much closer to the camera. Simple, yet effective!

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