Can YOU See the Image That Stumped the Internet?

Okay, so I have probably one of the best optical illusions I’ve seen in quite a while for you today. It’s quite a doozey too, because it wasn’t just me that was confused this time either. This sucker has stumped the Internet!

This was originally posted by Savannah Root from Lamar, Missouri, and the whole debacle was picked up by various news organizations, including Daily Mail. Some people will be able to see this image for what it is straight away. Others….? Well, they’ll see something entirely different…and some of the guesses on what this drawing actually is are pretty hilarious!

stumped the internet

Were you able to see the image that stumped the Internet or did you struggle a bit? The two things that jumped out at me were a crayfish or some sort of other underwater arthropod, or maybe an upside down Godzilla-like creature with wings.

I wasn’t the only one with weird guesses either. I showed the Significant Other, and the first thing out of his mouth was “looks like some sort of dead bird”. Some other fun guesses from the original Facebook post and comments on news sites include:

  • “Honestly thought it was a dead rat with wings hanging upside down”
  • “Is it a penguin doing a pee (male obviously) and licking his lips??”    *Yes, obviously a MALE penguin! 
  • “It looks like a black mess”
  • “Looks like some kind of shrimp”    *See? I wasn’t the only one!
  • “I thought it was a flying dinosaur for ages”
  • “I thought it was a sausage with wings”    *Yum!
  • “a caterpillar/moth or something out of Alice in wonderland”    *Down the rabbit hole you go…
  • “Did anybody else see the Caterpillar from Alice & Wonderland with this Shisha-pipe?”    *I musta missed all Alice in Wonderland references here. 
  • “Looks like a flea”
  • “Is it king Kong climbing the empire state building with a dreamliner flying past with the pilot waving a flag?”    *….’kay.
  • “Artists rendition of the zodiac killer”
  • “I tilted my head sideways and it looked like two insects having a bit of ‘how’s your father!'”    *By far, my FAVORITE guess! 
  • “Jar Jar binks?”
  • “Whatever.” *Oh, “whatever” INDEED…

I’m not giving away the real answer yet, but feel free to leave your own guesses in the comments or on our Facebook post! I’d love to add to the list…

So, were you able to see the image that stumped the Internet? I believe the last time we had an Internet sensation like this was the cat on the steps

6 Replies to “Can YOU See the Image That Stumped the Internet?”

  1. Saw it immediately, a man’s head in a large Texan hat. The left side of the face is in shadow.

  2. I honestly thought that It was a joke that this was hard to see. I kept looking for something beyond the obvious man with a cowboy hat on.

  3. The first thing I saw was a the portrait of a Cowboy…then, I had trouble seeing anything else. I turned my head to the left and could see 2 people or possibly and angel sitting next to a river…? I had to pull in my BF who has a love for art and asked what she saw. She immediately saw a river or a road and 2 people sitting side by side, a tree and landscape. (We also saw the Alice in the wonderland Moth smoking) My significant other saw a fruit bat on the shaded side.

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