Can You Name This Impossible Illusion?

Okay, so I’m struggling to figure out a name for this new impossible illusion that I found. What do I call it? Is it an impossible doo-dad? An impossible…thing?

Try as I might, I can not for the life of me figure out a name for this! Maybe you guys can come up with something…


Well, did you come up with a name for this impossible illusion? I don’t even know what this could be, actually. Obviously, it’s an impossible box. But, what exactly are the hand cranks for on either side?

I’d love to see this thing in action, but I think that might be…well, impossible!

What’s the best name you can come up with for this impossible illusion? If you liked this one, head over and check out thisĀ impossible pass through illusion!

2 Replies to “Can You Name This Impossible Illusion?”

  1. “Impossible Crankbox” is good because it really explains nothing and causes the person to investigate the illusion.

  2. The box also can be seen as a six sided wheel with the cranks attached to 4 spokes in the middle. Anyone else see this???

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