Butterfly Eye Optical Illusion

Good morning, and welcome to the last week of October! Halloween is in a few days, and everyone is excited about the possibility of dressing up in all kinds of great and scary costumes.  Are you all dressing up for Halloween, and if so, what kind of costume are you all dressing up as?  Because this is Halloween week, we have decided to make everything we post this week Halloween themed! Today’s optical illusion kicks off Halloween week with a bang! The butterfly is sitting in the eye socket of a skull, and with the design the design on the butterfly’s wing, it looks like the skeleton has an eye.

butterfly optical illusion

Ready for another fun optical illusion? Take a look at this group of squares, and see if you all can find the circles. In the center of the squares is an X, and if you all need help finding the squares, all you need to do is stare at it and you will see the circles.  Once you all have counted the number of circles, please do us a big favor and post in a comment below just how many circles you found.   Comments help us know what you all think of our illusions, and they can also help others find the circles. Good luck circle hunting, and have a great Monday.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed your page for quite a while now and want to say thank you. I do have a small complaint though. Would you please quit naming each illusion? I think it gives away the opportunity for the eye to be fooled. With the illusion titled, we basically know what to look for right away and it kind of takes away the fun of having to search the image to see what wouldn’t normally be obvious. Maybe it’s just me, I’ve been looking at illusions for over 30 years and I’ve probably developed a knack to look for them. But again, thanks for the site, I like it.

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