Buenos Aires Zoo Animal Optical Illusions



Today’s addition to Mighty Optical Illusions is actually a series of fun animal optical illusions.

As I was poking around looking at some neat animal optical illusions, I ran across a series of clever ad campaigns run by the Buenos Aires zoo a while back. From what I can tell, this ad campaign was the brainchild of the Argentina office of Saatchi and Saatchi, a global communications and advertising agency network.

Each image uses positive and negative space to create two different animals in one. The slogan of the ad campaign, “Animales Juntos,”, translates to “Discover Animals”, and that’s exactly what we are able to do with these animal optical illusions. No matter which part of the image jumps out at you first, there’s still more to discover in each image.

I have to admire whoever created these wonderful and powerful animal optical illusions. As standalone works of art alone, they’re absolutely brilliant and beautiful. As a collective ad campaign, they are also extremely clever and memorable.

Let’s see if you can tell which animals are in each image…

First up, we have the monkeys, always a favorite at the zoo. Can you see the second animal in the image?

Next, we have a couple of alligators. (Or are they crocodiles…?) Do you see the other animal hidden between their jaws, though?

There are two different species of animals in this image. I’ll give you a hint—it’s a snake optical illusion.


Aw…a couple of seahorses! But, what else…?

These next animals look like falcons or hawks to me. The negative space in their mouths and between their bodies forms another animal, though.

Whooooo….is in this animal optical illusion?


Argentina Zoo animals optical illusions 7

A couple of vigilant squirrels grace this animal optical illusion. But, I wonder if they’re aware of the little guy between their tails.
These were definitely some fun animal optical illusions and some great advertising! Were you able to see all of the animal optical illusions for what they were?

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