Bricks and Mortar Portraits

What I’m about to show you shouldn’t strictly be taken into account as optical illusions. Moreover, here and then exceptions are made, specially when something monumental appears – like this time where we have striking, Banksy-like artwork created by Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto.

As you see Alexandre… or Andy Wall-hole if you will (which is the nickname Alex earned himself), carves incredible face portraits into the bricks and mortar of buildings. DailyMail reports how Alex has peppered the walls and sides of old buildings around his native Lisbon with an impressive selection of portraits, where he hopes his “faces in the city” will inspire people and make them see beyond what meets their eyes.

But Alex (23) hasn’t confined his work solely to Lisbon. His etchings can be found on buildings across Europe. He added:

With my work, I try to delve into the several layers that compose the edifice of history, to take the shadows cast by this model of uniform development to try to understand what lies behind it. 

Logically, each of Alex’s works depends on the size of the wall or surface he’s about to work with, where a two-storey building can take him a whole day to complete. Also, Alex added how most of his art is done on derelict facades and buildings which should somewhat calm the authorities down.

Pictures © curtsy of CATERS NEWS AGENCY

16 Replies to “Bricks and Mortar Portraits”

  1. I love your work, it is so emotional. First I see a face then I see the building or wall. The things man makes, but your art says THINK there is a person behind this wall, this building. I love how you draw me in just by the surface you have painted on. I may not end with the same thoughts you had given to the creation you exhibit, but I feel something when I see your art.

    Good Job. May you continue to create amazing thought provoking images, in the lest expected places.

    Love your stuff. Love it.

  2. Impressive.
    But I can’t help thinking it can’t be too good for the building’s resistance to weather and the elements to have its bricks exposed like that…

  3. Not really an optical illusion, but a great Art form. Nice work, I like it………:)

    1. thi is absolutely amazing!!! the fact that someone would think about doing this is astounding but the way the faces look so realistic… this might be one of the best non-optical illusions yet!

      Padma, you have to look deeper. think about it, really, how many people can you honestly say would be able to do this?? this is true Art

    2. trollin’? lots of pretty serious art is less aesthetically pleasing than this… at least we can tell that is it faces…

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