“Breathing” Hexagon Optical Illusion

Gianni Sarcone’s “Breathing Hexagon” is an animated composition made of multiple frames, each one being the same in shape but different in color. As you can see, the end result is pretty amazing – It seems as if the hexagon slowly pulsates with each frame-change. Even though none of that is real, and each and every dot stands perfectly still, the shape still somehow manages to “breathe”! Amazing, isn’t it?

10 Replies to ““Breathing” Hexagon Optical Illusion”

  1. Would be great if it were a real animation with a smooth transition from one colour to another :/
    I may do it sometime

  2. I like it better as a not-real animation; anyone can make things actualyl move. To make it LOOK as if it does, is much cleverer.

  3. Are the oval shapes changing colors?
    Sometimes they look purple, other times blue, other times, aqua.
    Or do they only appear to change color because of the changes in the background?
    Is the color change the same phenomena as we saw in the previous illusion?

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