Black and White Illusions

Check out these black and white optical illusions playing tricks on your eyes and with only two colors! A few of my favorite illusions of all time are in black and white; hopefully you will find them just as enjoyable as I do. These black and white circular lines make this illusion seem like there are various depths in the image that create different entryways and tunnels. Looking at some of these illusions too long may make you feel like you are following the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland right down the tunnel. Before you attempt to chase the rabbit down the hole you should know there actually aren’t any tunnels in these images and attempting to jump into the imaginary world could result in a broken bone, or even worse a broken computer.

It is all in how you look at the image as well as the angle you are looking at it from. This type of illusion is similar to the Grid Illusion we previously encountered that involved seeing little black dots jump from space to space as you starred at the image. It is just another trick on your eye receptors and how we perceive the colors. These types of illusions can be found in several different shapes and sizes. Each one of the images twists the mind into seeing something that is not necessarily there.

Slanted Illusions

The first  black and white illusion has a variety of realistic touches to it that would make you think there is something at the end of the tunnel.  Your eyes can make you believe you would be able to walk down this picture without a second thought. It is almost like taking a trip down the black and white brick road where the end is infinite and filled with uncertainty.  Just like the previous adventure I would not recommend this form of travel to get away from the wicked witch.

This black and white illusion is one of my personal favorites as it really makes you wonder how it could appear one way but be completely different. This is also a great one to use on your children or room-mates for betting who has to do the dishes for the next year. When you look at the image straight on it looks like the lines are slanted right? In actuality the lines are straight across, no slants! If you do not believe me you could always print the image off and draw with a pencil straight lines across each gray line and see the image is not actually slanted, but our eyes perceive it to be.  The vertical zigzag patterns in this image disrupt our horizontal perception this time and it makes us think the squares are falling at a slanted angle.

All of these black and white images create a different world to each individual when looking at them. Each of them is also not what it appears to be and it is amazing to me we are able to create different illusions by only using black and white colors.

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