Believe It Or Not, This is a Single Photo!

If you think our recent “Single Shot Illusion” was amazing, this one will blow your mind! As you see, this colorful arrangement of household items (created by New York-based artist Bela Borsodi) appears to be a composition of four separate snapshots. Right? But once you see the photo taken from different angle (below) or do some closer inspection on your own, you will notice there is something a little off about the strategically placed lines dividing the image in 4 “separate frames”.

Yes, this deceptive photograph is actually made from a single shot! It was assembled from dozen of random objects, and made into a perfectly constructed optical illusion. I’m quite impressed with Borsodi’s ability to trick the viewer’s eye. The compositions was used for an album cover for the band VLP, their newest album titled Terrain.

22 Replies to “Believe It Or Not, This is a Single Photo!”

  1. Well I think this is pretty cool. It shows a lot of creativity and I’m sure a lot of time went in to this.

  2. I saw, that it can always arrange, a very easy pespectiva as the one of top, when the colors are very defined, the blue, the greens, that are not mixed.

  3. The lower right portion of the image has been rotated. (re: toolbox and other items)How do you do that with a single shot?

    1. Huh?? What are you talking about? Those are 2 different pictures (obviously) so the items are not viewed from the same angle (to show the first picture is not a collage) I really don’t understand your comment.

    2. Richard,

      What has been rotated? The second picture is the same as the ‘illusion one’. It’s just from a different angle.

  4. The blue & orange table in the front and the blue & white shelf in the back look like they were painted for the purpose of the picture. The egg carton, lamp, and tool box, however are the real keys to this successful illusion.

  5. I like how he used the thinner (or something in a metal bottle) on the upper edge of white and blue.

    The only ‘made’ edges seems to be the blue paint job on the table and the shelve.

  6. There’ something not quite right about the picture. In the “illusion” picture the right hand end of the lamp is in line with the edge of the red tool box.But in the other picture they are clearly overlapping.

  7. Now why you wanna go and do that?
    I appreciate the effort, but I have Photoshop.:D

    Now make the same effect but so that it can be viewed from any angle;)

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