The Beatles Abbey Road Album Optical Illusion

Happy Sunday everyone! Don’t fret because there is still one more day of the weekend left to enjoy. Today is the day to just sit back in a nice comfortable couch or chair and listen to some music, and perhaps, the music that helps you relax the most is the Beatles. Even though it has been many decades since the popular band broke up, the Beatles are still pretty popular. One of the most famous albums that the Beatles did was called Abbey Road, and today’s optical illusion involved one big Beatles fan that wanted to recreate the magic of that special album. Check it out:

The Beatles Abbey Road Album Optical Illusion

This optical illusion is not the first time that the famous Beatles album cover has been recreated, and it certainly will not be the last considering that the Abbey Road album is considered to be the most popular album that the Beatles ever did. Sadly, there are only two surviving members of the Beatles left, but recreating the album cover is the perfect way to pay tribute to a very successful band that literally changed the world. Want to see another great illusion? Check out this illusion featuring Machu Picchu, a very famous structure in Peru.

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  1. Funny you should use this today as Ringo is Playing in my hometown tonight. It is his only stop in Pennsylvania during this tour.

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