Attacking Lion Optical Illusion

What we see here, is a hungry lion jumping on to the bonnet of an open-topped truck, snarling straight into the faces of safari family. The amazing part is they just roar with laughter. Normally, placing stone-cold masochists on an illusion oriented blog makes no sense. But this close encounter of the furred kind is not all it seems. The trick is that apparently fearless wildlife watchers are actually safely protected behind a wall of reinforced glass. Only the front of the truck is placed inside the big cat’s territory.

Why are they laughing? I would be terrified if some predator jumped on my vehicle!
Why are they laughing? I would be terrified if some predator jumped on my vehicle!

You’ll have to agree with me on this one; from a certain angle it really looks as if the visitors are about to become lunch. This illusory installation is one of the main attractions at Werribee open range zoo near Melbourne, Australia. Spokesmen of the zoo said once:

The cut-off Land Rover was stuck either side of the glass wall as a bit of fun and it’s proved a big hit – especially with the kids. Everyone wants to get their picture taken looking like they’re going to be eaten.”

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  1. that is so cool. I’d totally go to this zoo. I didn’t notice the glass ’till you told me so it was interesting i thought it was a lion on the car…

  2. That’s cute. I would have guessed that it was PhotoShopped, but I wouldn’t have guessed that it was done the way it actually was.

  3. Of course, I would always drive my land rover through lion territory with fresh raw meat sitting on the hood of the car…

  4. Wanted, Wildlife photographer to take photos of tourist’s from inside our new exhibit. Must be quick on their feet.

  5. The lion didn’t/doesn’t look real to me!:P The way the photo was taken though, with it in the air and stuff ^_^ thought it might have been painted or somethin, heh…

    Nice illusion ! =D

  6. This is our local zoo and my kids absolutely love sitting in that jeep. Takes me ages to drap them out of there. It’s a great lion exhibit as the lions are often visible through the hugh pane of glass and will sometimes prowl back and forth right up against the glass. It’s actually an open range zoo so if you are not lucky all you see is grass!

  7. I was wondering how they got the lion to cooperate. I’ve looked at this several times and only just now saw the meat…

  8. i thought the loin was on the hood and they beeped the horn and he was jumping back off the hood. and that is why people are laughing.

  9. If it was me, I’d do like my characters and ride it WITHOUT INJURY! (And that is why I don’t follow my unhealthy obsessions…heheheh.)

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