Some Assembly Required Optical Illusion

Oh, the dreaded words for any do-it-yourselfer or parent…

“Some assembly required.”

Egad! “Some” assembly my eye! Every time I ended up with a piece of furniture or toy that required “some” assembly, it usually ended badly. I’m talking cuss words, tears, and missing pieces. Usually because I throw the pieces, but that’s neither here nor there!

Oh, yes; I’ve had my share of assembly required items in my day. None of them, though, can hold a candle to today’s optical illusion. I’ve got to warn you—it’s a doozey…



Actually, this piece of assembly required hell is comprised of three different classic optical illusions. The blivet, also known as the devil’s fork, is an impossible object that consists of two rectangular prongs at the beginning that morph into three cylindrical prongs. In this picture, though, it seems that nasty little devil has added some threads to the ends of the cylinders, which pass through three holes in the Penrose rectangle. Finally, it’s all held together with a few ambihelical hex nuts.

Something tells me that the devil had a lot of fun creating this fun little widget. I also strongly suspect that he works in the instruction department of a furniture factory. Just looking at this optical illusion for too long brings out the Hulk Smash rage in me. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ran across these impossible instructions in my next Ikea purchase.

So, what do you guys think? Would anyone wanna give this  impossible assembly required optical illusions a try? Any guesses on what it does?

Once you’ve given up trying to assemble this bad boy, head over and checkout a few more cool blivet optical illusions!



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  1. Hey boss, by the way, watt’s yer name? If you look at the bottom right inside to outside corner, in that area, you might think that the fork/holes is/are going through the top to the center of the rectangle object. Let your eyes go from the bottom right inside corner and then slowly look at the through holes. Your brain will have to adjust and tell you that the through holes are actually going through the front of the rectangle. It’s a battle w/i your brain.

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