Arm Tattoo Optical Illusion

Happy Monday every one and today is the last day of June! The 4th of July is coming, and hopefully, you all have plans for that special holiday like having a barbecued hamburger and spending time with friends and family.  Some people want to do certain things in order to express themselves like dye their hair or dress a certain way. However, others might decide to get something more permanent done like a tattoo. How do you all feel about tattoos? Today’s optical illusion is all about tattoos, but this one is a little unusual because it is actually an optical illusion.

Arm Tattoo Optical Illusion

Can you see that this tattoo is making the young man’s arm look like it is abnormally small?  Whenever black stripes are used, sometimes combined with white, the human eye can be fooled into seeing almost anything. The combination of thick and thin lines makes this arm look unusual, what do you all think?

Are you in the mood to see another illusion? How do you feel about Star Wars? The megahit movie franchise began in 1977, and the last film came out in 1983. Now there is a new movie coming out, and in honor of that, we present a Star Wars illusion for you to enjoy.

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