Animal Illusions – It’s a Jeep Thing!

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Today’s animal illusions are brought to you by Jeep. Well, sort of. Okay they’re not really brought to you by Jeep, per say, but they’re definitely inspired by Jeep! More specifically, these animal illusions are part of one of Jeep’s recent ad campaigns.

This awesome Jeep ad campaign features a few pretty great animal illusions, and the slogan for the Jeep ad campaign is “See whateer you want to see”. So, let’s see what we can see, shall we?

First up, we have a penguin… 2015-06-18 00-23-50

Or is it a giraffe?? 2015-06-18 00-23-27


Anybody love swans? Because here’s a gorgeous swan for you! 2015-06-18 00-23-04

Oooh… My bad. It might have been an elephant… 2015-06-18 00-22-26


Or, if these animal aren’t your thing, maybe a cute seal will keep you intrigued…


This is a pretty special seal too! It can do a pretty nifty trick. It can turn into a doe…

animal illusion jeep


So, how are those for some animal illusions?

I’m not sure what I love the most about these Jeep animal illusions. The actual animal illusions themselves are amazing! They’re very well done, and it’s nearly impossible to tell that there are two separate animals hidden in each image until you see both perspective. I also love the vintage look and feel of these animal illusions.

Of course, I’m a Jeep owner…so maybe it’s just a Jeep thing…?

(Come’on—you knew that was coming!)

If you love animal illusions, head on over and see if you can find the hidden tiger!

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  1. I like the “If you can read this, flip me over” banners that Jeep owners install upside-down across the top of their windshields.

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