An Anamorphic Medusa Painting

According to Greek legend, a single look at Medusa was enough to turn any man into stone. That’s why Perseus had to carry a magical mirrored shield with him in order to defeat this legendary monster -it was the only way he could look at the Gorgon to find her whereabouts without turning into stone.

Medusa’s evil was so complete that even after being beheaded, her severed head could be used as a weapon. After Perseus slayed the creature, he used the head to turn the man forcing his mother to marry him, into stone. Perseus then gave the token to Athena, who originally helped him with the powerful shield. Athena then placed the Medusa’s head on her shield, the Aegis, where it could then be used to take down even the most deadly of enemies!

Most artists fail to do justice to a creature as terrifying and hideous as Medusa. But let’s face it – it is not that easy to paint something powerful enough that would turn person into stone when he or she looks at your painting! Still, the clever minds behind Truly Design Visual Communication Studio found a clever way to pay tribute to Medusa.

While their painting may not actually turn people into stone, their decision to do the painting in an anamorphic style does make it difficult to actually view Medusa in her entirety. While you might not need Perseus’ shield to protect your eyes from the work, the effect does mimic the hero’s difficulty in only being able to look at his enemy from certain angles.

Paying tribute to the myth in this manner is probably a lot safer than actually painting something that could turn someone to stone. Plus, it ensures their viewers can live to tell others of the great work, which statues are notoriously bad at doing. On the other hand, artists can always state their creation actually works, and that it’s your fault you haven’t turned into stone because you obviously haven’t seen their Medusa from quite perfect angle ;D

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  1. WOW! I am speachless! We love this myth. In fact we are Showing a play on february next year about MEDUSA. I am a professional stage actor and I would like to contact the artist who painted this. May be invite him or her to work together in our Drama. I am thinking about a lot of thing we could do together. Please contact me by gmail.

    1. Hi there!
      This is Emiliano “Ninja1” from Truly Design Studio, a.k.a. one of the two artists who painted this Medusa.

      I would like to say THANKS to Jill Harness, who wrote this post!
      And many thanks to everyone of you for the great response!

      Mr.Philippe Regnier please don’t hesitate to contact me on our website


      Thanks again!

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