Airplanes Are Coming Out Of His Ears! Crazy Optical Illusion Picture.

Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new day! Today is Saturday, and what are you all doing today? Any special plans for the day like going out to an air show or anything else that is nice and exciting? Some people like to go out and watch planes fly around, and today’s optical illusion is all about a man at an air show, and it looks like the airplanes are coming out of the man’s head. Do you think he’s really got planes that live inside his skull or is it just an optical illusion that was taken at just the right moment?

Planes Coming Out of a Head Optical Illusion

While you all are out, you may be using a cell phone in order to do things like take pictures, and one of the world’s most famous cell phones come from the Apple Company. Check out this cool optical illusion that takes the Apple logo, and inserts the image of its famous company founder, Steve Jobs, into the logo, and it looks amazing! Steve Jobs died not too long ago, but he will never be forgotten, and every time anyone uses an Apple product, they pay tribute to his memory. Have a good Saturday everyone and don’t forget to have a good time!

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