A Simple Size Illusion for Thursday

We’re over the hump for the week, and heading toward the weekend! Since heavy thinking is probably the last thing that most of want to be doing at this point in the week, I figured that a simple illusion was the way to go today. Here’s a nice little deceptive size illusion.

Looking at this picture, you can see that one of the purple trees—the one in the background—seems taller than the other.

size illusion

But, I already gave away the secret simply by telling you that this is a size illusion. By now you’ve probably figured out that the purple trees are the same size. I double checked in my image editor, and sure enough the two trees are the exact same height. You can do the same or just use a piece of paper to measure if you want to double check.

If you liked this simple size illusion, head over and see if you can figure out if this top hat is taller or wider!

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