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  1. Whoa! This site is amzing!!! I`ve tried almost everything here, and nothing sucks.. Wicked!

  2. ANYONE KNOW HOW THIS IS DONE? I’ve been experimenting with this and the only thing I can think of is that the images were projected onto the walls and painted in.

  3. unfortunately, I don’t know how they weredone. They were submitted to me, and first I thought they used projector to project images on walls, later I found that impossible (if you project image of a sqare on the bent wall, image will be distorted and broken trapezoid or smthng….

    but now when time has passed, I imagine they could still use a projector, and skew with the image real tme with PC- projector untill they get projected what they want, and then paint over it….

    (for exmple they skew with elipse on their laptop, until it shows projected circle in the room walls and pipes… get it?)

  4. damn!!

    I got to have this at my place!
    doesn’t anybody know how this is done?
    I really want to decorate my appartement like this.
    then I’ll drop some acid and dance around!

  5. This is so unreal , it is almost unbelievable . Very well done , somebody has a wicked imagination.

  6. This is how it could be done:

    1. Take a photo of the room
    2. Load it into photoshop and create a top layer
    3. Paint the geometry on top layer
    4. Save the image without the original photo
    5. Project it from the SAME point where you took the photo from

    It is important that you have the same focal length and the optical centre must be the same as well.

  7. What they do is:
    1-use a projector against a glass to see what it would look like against the scenery
    2-then they would find out where the glass projection would meet up with the walls and paint there.


  8. anyone notice the disappering monitor in the yellow target photo? Also, the sprinkler system seems to move.

  9. This is really awesome! I just love them, you could have fun hidden messages using that trick. I so want to try it now!

  10. This is totally cool
    That look too cool to be true.
    In fact some of them look like they were photoshopped

  11. An easy way:
    Just did it on a prototype (model) of a house once. Made a happy face like this.

    1. Buy a lazer light.

    2. Put a carved face in front of it. Some come with most of the lights like happy face, circles etc.

    3. Turn all lights off in the house.

    4. Put it at a point whereever you want this illusion from.

    5. Paint the aread that is lighted with lazer light on the walls and stuff.

  12. Bob is Cool: Read the other posts. (though there seems to be some uncertainty on how the projection was done)

    Theese photos look quite unreal from the “correct” angles. Very nicely done.
    Wish i could see it in real life :)

  13. why does everything have to be photoshopped, can’t anything be real anymore? You people are conspiracy freaks. The pictures are real!

  14. Wow, this is funktastic! Though it kinda makes my head spin…sorta like bein’ drunk…but minus the hangover!

  15. this is sooo like we say in my language “shcpaaa”!!!! though some of them look fake… but i have da whole summer 2 try it… if i do it im a send em 2 ya!! aiit?

  16. i think this stuff is made by using a projector on the wall then drawing the outlines
    if you have a projector draw your symbol on your computer and project it as a presentation (powerpoint)
    on your wall, sorry for my poor english, hope this helps

  17. [.][.]never mind the 4th dimension,this is open dimension.only governed by your imagination.so open your minds people and lets dream.goodnight who ever you are and where ever you are,-/

  18. very intresting guess again elame.chill out and tap in,open your imagination eyes when they are shut.zzzzzz

  19. weirdwierdwierd but cool that would be cool to have in your house

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    sorry had to do that

  20. In the yellow target I see the monitor disappear but my question is how does the air get painted yellow

  21. Yo sam! The pics are real, but the marks aint.
    Hey Chain! Ya’ll won’t ever see em. No wall was ever painted – only each of the two pictures were painted one after the other. But good work!

  22. These are not hard to make, but the idea to do it is the cool thing.
    They were made with a projector.
    You project your graphic form onto the surfaces and mark where the light falls. Then paint in.
    No adjusting necessary.
    Yes vurdluk, if you project a square onto a wall at an angle, the square will become distorted. But if you faithfully paint in wherever the light falls, and then go position your point of view at the same point that the projector lens was, you will see a perfect square.

  23. You people are idiots . . . especially the ‘rational’ explainers with their whole “pane of glass” theory. These are foolish directions illustrating the users of this site’s general ineptitude in following a simple line of intellectual progression. The ‘explanation’ follows the same fallacious simplicity of “Hey, hand me that piano.” Sounds simple; only a 2-step process according to one poster. However, the exact path of the lines would still need to be traced precisely. I suppose the next ‘thoughtful’ step in the process, giving it all of the newest generation’s ‘thought process’, would be a hand-held laser pointer. Perhaps in a silly shape, like a star or comet (tee-hee!)!
    Idiots. It’s all photoshopped. If not, find the rooms. A simple bit of evidence, ya lazy gits. Good God, the Net’s getting more and more like interactive freakin’ television!

  24. These are just great. What a trip it would be to have a bedroom with a magical exit to the unknown on one wall. Thanks for sharing these.

  25. why does everthing have 2 b photoshopped this and photoshopped that, take the worlds biggest roll of yarn. if u saw it in a pic u wud say its photoshopped, but cause its on display u believe it.
    and stop callin every1 idiots and retards, u make it sound that ur sooo smart and its OBVIOUSLY done this way. ur the idiots i tells ya!
    its simply a work of art ok!!!
    ps. my friends house is done like this so i KNOW its real,
    which is what makes you sound even stupider,
    ye bum

  26. ehh, yea they r cool rnt they?
    i make those 4 a livin, and well done guys, ur right,
    we use pc. projectors, depending on how many awquard parts u have in the room, u sumtimes have to use the glass 2 vision it. and no, the air isnt painted thats part of the illusion, its stuff like the sides of black tvs that get painted and it makes it look like the air b4 it is painted when its not. i came on 2 this site cause my friend told me there was some illusion rooms here 2, n yea, there pretty cool, huh?

  27. I wonder what kind of stupid ppl have so much of time to get all these things done, and also wonder whats the use ?

  28. Even if the ones here are photoshopped, which i seriously doubt, they could have been done in real life. Why would someone go through the trouble of making the images, when they could just paint them. Then they could show the real thing off to their friends instead of just fakes. But i still don’t have any proof.

  29. this iz fake all u gta do iz project it n draw round it ive gt a room in my hse like dis dat top decoraterz did! easy!

  30. this is pretty cool and i think i know how to do it… get a piece of paper hold it on the bottom and let the top flop. if u look at it diagnally it seems to curveboth away from you and to the side…expierement i know i will

  31. nice pics looks really cool.. photo shopped or not
    couple things… umm the illusion of the warehoue/ garage the lighting/ shadows/ depht perception confuses me.. help me out. they would have to paint with different shades of red/orange to get a bright and solid line right.. and the foreground, mid and background they would have to paint the lines with different withs right (ex: things in fore ground are appear bigger so the line would have to be thinner and background things look smaller so you would have to paint bigger..) so why in the skewed angle the lines look the same shades and with? same with lines on buildings pics

  32. Hi all ye of little faith – these are pictures of work by the artist Felice Varini. You can check out more examples, present exhibitions, and see the process of making the installations at http://www.varini.org
    il est formidable!

  33. it is sad that so many people do not believe that the art can be done, in my point of wiev i might actually be easier to actually make this than to do it the “computer-way”

    but a nice concept, making me want to have colurs like that at home =)

  34. soooo want to do it to my room………..it’d be so kool…..lie, have a little peephole in y door, says look through here, and i have a big floaty thingy in the middle of my froom. you walk in, and its like, yo, wheres the floaty thing?

  35. THOSE ARE SO FRIGGIN’ COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wan’t a room like that… but it looks like it would take forever to figure out how and where to paint the lines and stuff. but it looks awsome.

  36. un real as my mum would say it looks realy 3D but with out the glasses its totaly phco it reminds me of myself

    oh and dose anyone play internet halo? no better Q dose anyone play internet halo and killed me or i killed them?

  37. what sort of people leave messages on his weird site? i mean, anyone who is writing messages on here in this leave a reply box must be really crazy.

  38. I find this really amazing, i wish i could see it in real life!!!!!!!
    does any1 know a place where i could see them?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  39. the moniter on da yellow target duznt dissapear – when the camera changes angle, it falls out of view – u can tell by the amount of wall that is seen in each picture

  40. Very nice illusions, similar to the juxtaposition exercise, they are great optical illusions and lots of fun to do.

    ‘Lid…..never follow

  41. Now wait a minute, in real life if you walked into a room with one of those funky things painted on it, wouldn’t you notice the depth change? Like you’d be able to tell the difference because of depth wouldn’t you?

  42. I saw a documentary about the the guy who made these a while ago, don’t remember the name though. The coolest one was when he painted an entire village with lines. When you watched the village from a hill a mile away it all made sense. So cool…

  43. …we’re bored in psych class, so we decided to google optical illusions. To our pleasant surprise, this site crossed our path. We have never been more mind boggled or perplexed. We plan to travel the world and visit these 3 dimensional optical illusions. Thanks for your inspiration for my life journey.

  44. Not to say this isn’t cool (it’s ausome!) butt on the seacond to last one… why can’t they just paint the windows?

  45. i am almost positive that they used a very nice laser level. used mostly in construction for lighting layouts and ceiling grids. i hope this answers some questions as to how they got the lines projected on the walls, and how the lines made it around the corners. this is only my opinion, but i do know that lasers bend. Anyway, this is amazing and i plan on doing this in my new york home. i can’t wait!

  46. Love them! thats why i got the widget u guyses made!



    ¶;-0 – Amazing

    ¶:-( – Weird

    ¶:-P – Funny

  47. As for the TARGET.

    The monitor is mounted on another wall,not seen in the second photo.
    Just like the three pillars are not
    seen in the first. It’s all relative.

  48. i luv illusions!! i have a new illusion for everyday on my dashboard!! its awesome, but i can’t figure it out so i look on this website

  49. To those of you that claim photoshop, you should know: 1. the zigzag (bottom photo is in new york) 2. I have personally seen a HUGE installment of orange triangles in Switzerland- it’s awesome and one buildings (you must see in to believe it, really) 3. His name is Felice Varini, and has a website, DVD and book. Look it up, you “know it alls” since you are WRONG WRONG WRONG.. and .. there are artists that have been doing this for a long time… you can find info if you try.

  50. I just finished my own, and it looks verry cool!
    Only not al surfaces where the same color so i’ve to ajust the lightning to see it proper.

    Big Up!

  51. the one with the circles looks just as good also taken by the “wrong” angle…

    i loved the one with the windows..

  52. the time is must take to line up everything is spectacular. I would love to see it in real life. A lot of this stuff doesn’t look real.

  53. Bravo Mr Varini (et al.) for your minimalistic inversion of the classical trompe l’oeil concept in painting. The goal there was to create the illusion of a third dimension where there was none (or, in architecture, to increase the perception of deepness in perspective).

    I must admit I’m more impressed by the classical version.

    Some might like to have a look at http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trompe-l'%C5%93il

  54. At first, I thought they took a pic of a room then did crap on the computer, but then I saw how they painted it or whatev. Its pretty darn awesome.

  55. it would probably look a lot less impressive in real life since you can only see it in 2-d in the picture but you would be able to see depth in real life

    1. This paint was applied on a FLAT(2D) surface to mimic 3D….your eye’s will still believe it’s 3D. BTW, you actually see the image in 3D in the picture(that’s the whole point of the illusion and in real life it would be even more impressive, due to depth perception), so thanks for your ignorance. And the T.V is mounted on a wall that can’t possibly be seen from the non-3D picture. This is real.

  56. wow this is amazing lol!!!!! i hav seen something v. similar to this but the man who is the artists displays his art work all over the streets!

  57. While the theory is pretty cool, the pictures are FAKE. Can anyone else not see the pixelization of the shapes that are “painted” in the rooms and buildings? Look closely and you will be able to tell. If you were truely painting this, there would be no pixelation. Another note..if you look closely, you can see through the paint..another sign that they are computer generated, layered, photos.

    1. Orrrr,its pixleated kuz when a photo goes on a screen,it becomes pixels,and who said paint cant be see-through

  58. well, if i say anything here, it’s unlikely to be anywhere near an original comment. But, anyway i will state my point: ‘It’s amazing!

  59. So, who on earth cares if it’s photoshopped or whatever? Who cares if it’s some trick, or ‘it’s not possible’? It’s nice to look at, and that’s the point! They’re just cool pictures! Get over it, all of you!

  60. i agree with M 2 the H O….. why does everything have to be photoshopped? cant you just accept the fact that they are real…..

    dont hate…appreciate….yea its corniny but it fits :D

  61. Did no one notice the room with the blue square with the X in it???? The one pic shows the lines painted on the cabinet (maybe it’s a bookshelf?) on the right side of the picture, but in the other picture, it’s not even touching the cabinet. It’s a fake, and you’ve fallen for it.

    Can’t make it much easier to prove than that.

  62. TO ANONYMOUS 97.


    Can’t make it much easier to prove than that.

  63. these are amazing…..so often i find images on this site which remind me of how complex and limitless the human mind is. Thank you, Vurdlak, for bringing us such wonderful content day after day, you are helping to make the world a brighter place.

  64. the yellow circle is not real. there is a small television screen in that room and the screen itself had been painted. and it is PAINT, you can’t see right trough it. but the screen is a bit tinted…..

  65. these are works by Felice Varini. he has a great webside with a lot more pictures of his paintings.
    check it out!

  66. yo do understand that none of these pictures are real…? they all are made on pc that is visible in all pictures.
    especially pic 6 look at the small screen
    in one word Fail!

  67. This is amazing!
    My favorite one is with the concentric circles. Any way it’s looked at it has a flow to it, an elegance that is not found in some of the other ones. Any way it’s seen, it’s art. And then the full frontal view is killer. It’s almost mind-boggling, walking into that spiral of circles.

    The oval in red and white was really cool too! Because it was in a winding corridor :)

  68. very cool but confusing..disney channel did something like that with the jonas bros. they painted an all white room wit blu to make it look lik the disney channel symbol at an angel.
    thank is very cool..the croos one kinda looks like a mirror but the best one is the bathroom circle. and this is defiently not fake u dum dums so if u dont like it get off this website cuz no one but haters like haters only if they dont hate on eachother but we aint hatin on u so why hate on vurdlak? u just hatin cuz he actually got somewhere in his life and ur hear hatin on a very cool cool guy so leave cuz haterz r unwelcomed! cool illusion!

  69. @affy & Koen: What’s wrong with the 6th picture and the small television? Television is attached to other wall that can’t be seen in the picture below, that’s why you don’t see the tv either. This doesn’t prove the picture is fake!

  70. If you have a look at them, they’re pretty much all fake. It’s supposed to be PAINT, not TINT, and you can see through all of them, except for the black one, and if you look at the distorted one of the black one you will see that the lines are alot thicker than the actual circle. I thought this was amazing, until I read a comment from Koen, where he/she points out that Picture 6 – The yellow circle – is fake, because look at the small screen – so fake. I hate to be a hater, but this is all fake.

  71. My bad!! Apologies everyone, this IS real, because while you think you are looking at see through graphics and you can ‘see the wall’ behind it, it is the grooves and corners of the wall that they had to paint over. they obviously painted over the T.V. Koen, but just not the screen. Apologies again, and this is an amazing illusion.

  72. most of these pictures are photoshop. If you look carefully some of the pictures the windows are also panted and im sorry but who does that? Also in some of the rooms you can find objects like lights, tvs, and other items other then the walls are panted partially as well. As someone sad before the t.v. in that one room is partially painted yellow which again who does that?

    1. To all you haters out there, it has to be real. Vurdlak would have told us if it was photoshopped by now. And for affy and Koen, you have to look closely to realize that the screen IS NOT painted, but you think it is for gods know why. Anyway, the artist has a website with some more REAL work.

  73. I imagine it would be pretty simple to make these, simply project the desired image (From a projector) into a corner/war/bend and paint over the lines you see.

  74. The reason it looks like you can “see through” the paint is because of the lights changing the color of the paint and making it look transparent. Take for example the red, yellow and blue squares in the windows. The part of the beam on the blue square facing us is in shadow so the paint is darker and the bottom part of the beam is in the light so its lighter. Hence the illusion that the paint is transparent, same concept for the rest. Also to dude that said its fake because of the t.v. screen if you look closely you can plainly see that the television SCREEN is not painted, but the the box around it IS painted.

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