13 Hidden Faces Illusion

Tony Ward has sent a higher-resoultion version of an illusion that was already posted here in the past. Can you find all the hidden faces in this picture below? There are suposed to be 13 of them hidden somwhere inside! Tony said: “I’ve attatched one you’ve already featured, ’13 faces’. It’s another favorite of mine and I couldnt help notice the one you posted was quite small and a bit blurred so I thought you could replace it with this one if you wanted. Many thanks for feeding me with fresh images on a subject I am so facinated by”. This one is great, but there are even cooler illusions in our Spot The Object Gallery

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  1. The art of Beverly Doolittle seems to be popular with this site, (like the work featured today) but no one gives her credit when they use her work. Could you PLEASE do so in the future?? She’s worked too hard on these illusionary compositions to not be recognized.

    Fellow Artist

  2. Thank you, Rivercrone. I recognized Ms. Doolittle’s work, but had forgotten her name. It bugged me that I couldn’t remember until I read your post. Thanks!

  3. ive found them all… if you want to know where they are keep reading, if not go enterain yourselves hahaha

    Left side of pic: theres two, one big one on the top left corner and a medium one on the bottom right corner (its a profile view)

    Right side of the pic: theres two, a big face on the bottom right (it takes about 2/3 of the whole pic) and if you follow the eyes it will guide you to the other one which is made up by the white branches.

    Center: theres four, the easy one is on the rocks at the center bottom, then another one is right on the center next to a big face and below the branch face, its a profile view. on the left to the brach face there another one looking at the men riding horses and the forth one is below the white horse faking a rock along the path.

    on top: these four are hard to describe: but theres one to the top left of the white horse’s head and its looking at the horse the other three are in the “dark” part of the woods on the top center

    So that 13 right there.. nice pic :D

  4. ok i cant add…. that was 12 on my previous post… i forgot #13 which is on the left part of the pic, made out of the brown branches and some green,,,,, its right next to the huge face of the left and under the face thats looking to the white horse

  5. How was this picture posted without any credit to the artist, Bev Doolittle. It’s her career to paint pictures like these. My stepdad is a huge fan so I’ve stared at this picture for about 15 years, among her other works of art. The Circle of Life happens to be my favorite!

  6. omg i only found 10 and maby 11 but this is sumthing else that i found… in the bottom left corner there is 2 faces under the tree but if u look at the one that is closest to the corner u might find that it looks like a sheep’s face. i gotta say that the face that is in the big tree i found VREY hard 2 find!

  7. that was awesome…yeah right,there are 13 faces…i saw them all!kinda’ scary images ‘though…

  8. I found all 13 there is a face connected to another face.And no the horseback riders faces don’t count. If you don’t find 13 keep trying.

    1. hello.. to whom concern , ahmm can i have a permit to used this painting to may study(research)????? thank you … :)

  9. I can only find 11…
    And also as an idea for the site, maybe make it so more pictures are on one page??? Because if your internet is a bit slow it gets annoying having to push the back button and then clicking another link over and over again… and only getting one picture at a time :/

  10. this optical illusion have freaked me out it was in a scare video with obtical illusions where u find them and a monster comes out of nowhere and freaks u out

  11. I can see them all easy it takes a while though, you just have to look at it from every angle. Maybe even out of the corner of you eyes. Ever had those magic eye illusions? The ones you have to look at for the longest time at a pattern then finally see it. They’re really cool!

  12. well i see all 13…
    1. farr left facing to the left.
    2. under #1 facing to the right.
    3. right of #2 also facing to the right.
    4. a little south-east of #3 looking at you .
    5. big head right of #4 facing you looking at left.
    6. stuck to #5 on left side facing to the right.
    7. above #6 is a face made of twigs.
    8. a little bit to the left of #7 is a face looking at toward left.
    9. above #8 is another face looking to the left.
    10. 11. & 12. left or #9 are 3 faces touching each other facing the same direction.
    13. between #10 and #1 is a face facing to the right spacing off.

  13. I was using this illusion for a science project and i did some reserch, there are only 11, but to get thirteen u use the horses

  14. 13 faces plz i could do 10000000000 well mabye not but i found all thirteen in like 14 seconds someone acctually timed me it was awesome

  15. AWESOME, I have seen this picture before I think and didn’t realize it had that many faces in it…Great work!

  16. I showed this to my college students while studying the physiology of the brain and eyes. We found 15 faces instead of the usual 13 faces. They enjoyed it and it took them a while to find them.

    It is a great picture!

  17. Found all of them. I’ve seen this one a number of times and when I was little (10 or so) I could only find about eleven of them. It’s good to be able to find them all now. ^_^

  18. I can clearly see eighteen (18) faces, I’ve counted in over and over, and there is definitely 18 clear, plus extra two or so unclear face.

  19. Your “Spot the subject” is actually a Bev Doolittle painting. If you are really into illusions, google her gallery. She’s pretty amazing. She’s the bomb, Jinx

  20. my sister and i can see 13! we read people with schizophrenia see 12. woo extra crazy! i think it just means your brain is really open.

  21. Hi. Seen your painting and it is beautiful many people have found the faces, but what a beautiful gift you have. God has blessed you in your art. May you always have that blessing with you. Angel 4/30/10

  22. i think there are more than 13 by far if you can look at the artwork you can see the artist has hidden these very well already. what makes you think it stops at 13..?

  23. hey i can see afew pics of faces ahahahha
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