The Lamp Optical Illusion

I’m still not hundred percent certain why I kept this optical illusion private, but somehow I never gained enough courage to share it with you – my audience. Probably because the topic was somehow edgy, and balanced between SFW (safe for work) and NSFW. Anyhow, here it goes… The picture you see below circled the internet few months ago, and was more than popular in those days. Apparently the lamp pictured inside the photo could be understood in more than one way. Not only was it funny – it was extremely sexy too! But wait… there’s more! If this was the whole story I wouldn’t make so much fuss about it. More interesting part is what happened afterwards. The real twist came month later, when the “original author” published the second photo which revealed the truth. You can see it below the first one, but I hid it inside the expandable box so I don’t ruin the effect. Be sure to check it out, but only after reading this text and figuring the previous image first. Theory about second twist exists as well, but it relies on Photoshop theory – which (in this case) isn’t important at all.

There is something extremely sexy about this lamp! What if the pic was turned upside down...?
There is something extremely sexy about this lamp! What if the pic was turned upside down…?

[DDET Click To See The Twist]lamp-lie-illusion-demotivational-poster[/DDET]

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  1. I was freaky surprised. Like omg, what the hell is this erotic picture doing on my homepage. Thanx for this great one!

  2. I have seen this before (a lot), and I am 99.9% sure that it IS a lamp, and somebody photoshopped the woman picture. She would have pretty weird legs/behind if that were real. :/

  3. lol thats really funny, i saw the “plant” in the bottom right and i thought it kinda looked like a tattoo :P

  4. i take my first comment back.
    the supposed real picture with the girl in it looks fake if u look down where the legs are. no shading or texture. maybe it is just a lamp

  5. Cool! People are very creative!

    Although you have to strain your eyes to force yourself to see it as a sexy picture instead of a lamp and a background wall. I guess it’s due to the brightness of the lamp that makes it hard for your eyes to perceive it as the background object instead of the foreground object.

    And as for the second image, the twist: it’s definitely photoshopped! But it’s still good anyway. You go to all the trouble to match the illusion picture with real life picture to make it seem as if it’s not an illusion. There’s some awkward parts here and there, but all in all, it doesn’t look too bad and quite believable.

    This is a good one, Vurdlak! Especially adding the twist into the illusion. Ha! KUTGW!

  6. The reason you kept it private is because, despite the fact that it IS an optical illusion, it’s a sexist one. Unless you’re about to start running optical illusions that look like phalluses or men’s crotches, I’d stick to the safe for work stuff. It brings the whole tone of the blog down.

  7. It’s a fake… well done (but very “small” as resolution, so that you can’t be sure), but a fake… or the girl is very stupid, because has a little christmast bear tattoed upside on the leg…

    That and some other problem with light and shadows that make impossible the “pin-up theory”…

  8. It really is a lamp. The you can see the base of where the light goes is slightly wider then the stem. If it were truly panties it wouldn’t do that. It would be all one piece. The Lie is the lie.

  9. The second photo is a fake one as you can make out the outline of the upside down picture cannot be exactly like the lamp seen in the 1st picture

  10. Wow that is crazy. first i was like i dont get it its a lamp then im reading click the box wtf! I thought was a lamp!

  11. Lol:P “is a lie” ^_^ heh

    Although yeah on my iGoogle i could tell that it was something to do with that(the solution), i actually just thought the right way up, laid back with legs up… but i guess not huh? :D Haha nice illusion of a lamp lol

  12. Oh wow! Really nice one Vurdlak. I thought that it was a sexy lamp as soon as I saw it but that second picture really just left me with my eyes wide open ._.

    Obviously to those in work today that second picture isnt recommended >.>

  13. When I was scrolling down I saw first the white part of the “Lamp” and the tan of the “Walls” and for some reason my first thought was Oh’ it must be woman’s legs designed to look like some thing else, then I looked at it fully and said dang. I then toght it must be painted or something. And now I realize How close I really was!

  14. HAHAA!!! I laughed my ass off all day. Cause I have optical illusions on my google me everytime!

  15. O_o omg…I can see a black panty >_>…
    …and a couple of bears with christmas hats O:…and…

    3 seconds later after open da link..
    da lamp is an ilusion D:!!!
    Da black panties are real @_@…

  16. Dude its getting annoying to have to see that “lamp” everytime i open firefox (with igoogle) and gross things coming to my mind for already 3 days, its very disgusting.

  17. I’m sorry, but I’ve never enjoyed this type of illusion. They’re kind of sick. I would suggest, instead of it appearing on my desktop when I get home, that you have another picture posted on all the blogs. I really wouldn’t want to answer questions from young children if they saw that on my computer. Thank you.

  18. xD great motivational!

    But i still think this was photoshopped….the curves simply don’t look natural.
    But all in all, this is really an awsome one, in my opinion! =D

  19. I’m surprised no one’s commented on this already. When I first saw this illusion, I was instantly repulsed. My mind must be dirty. :P
    After a while of staring at it, I decided that it must be a lamp. How could it not? Then I saw the twist, and realized that my first assumptions were correct.
    Quite an illusion.

  20. I can’t believe anyone actually believed it was a thong. It’s a nice image manipulation, but it is still clearly just a lamp.

  21. woah!! I thought it was really a lamp. I was studying what looks like the stand of the lamp and i thought it was really a lamp!! so cool!!

  22. Thank you Nestor for that link!
    The first time I saw this pic I was like, “Omg a thong!”
    Then I got the joke and was like, “Oh, I get it.. it was just a lamp! Duh!”
    Then I saw the second picture and thought, “Wow, it really was a thong! Although it might be photoshopped..”
    Then saw YOUR link and thought, “So it IS photoshopped!!”
    I like how it’s a combination of the thong & the lamp in the photoshopped pic xD. So which came first?
    Rawr @ all the twists & turns.. It really is a good illusion, though. Thanks for clearing it up!

  23. Ok, so my question is why a woman would get a tattoo of a teddy bear wearing a santa hat next to something else, possibly another animal in a winter hat, UPSIDE DOWN on her butt??? I think this is just the perversion of the lamp that makes the horny people see perverse dreamings. ;) (And I went to the link to see if I could be misinterpreting the tattoo thingie, nope. It is a teddy bear in a santa hat upside down.)

    1. the tattoo thing is totally true!! I didn’t even notice it until you pointed it out, it’s definitely photoshopped :D

  24. This is way older than just a few months. The lamp has been around for years. The thong is a lie, it’s so obviously a photoshop manip of a thong’ed girl and the lamp (as per link above in comments).

    The photoshop pic has a couple of very telling errors: 1. There’s no crease between the butt and the thigh, which only would happen if she were very flat back there. 2. The tattoo is in a very awkward position, again, where the crease of the thigh/butt would be. It’ wouldn’t lie flat like that. 3. The ‘crotch’ area looks too distented, that yould only happen if she were pregnant and carrying low or was overweight with a low hanging belly (which is obviously not the case).

    The first pic (of the lamp) is a cool illusion, if an old one. The second pic is a lie, not an illusion at all.

  25. Er… it’s obviously a lamp because you can see the curvature of both the lampshade and the stand around the edges, and the stand is perfectly rounded.

  26. This is actually a cup of sorts sitting underneath the sun… I’m guessing that the other thing is a statue… or that it’s been photoshopped onto a womans body….

    1. ermmm actually it is a lamp….why else would there be a soft toy bear wearing a hat in the photo?! :3

  27. there is no way that the lamp is actually underwear in the original pic there’s teddy bears to the side… now why would a girl have upside down dingy teddy bears (in christmas hats) tattooed on her bottom?? and if anyone know anything about the female anatomy… then they’d know that her … um.. ‘parts’ wouldn’t be located that low (from that view). she looks pretty thin, so her ‘parts’ wouldn’t be so low and wide like that. and anyone notice the pancake-flatness of the cheeks? gosh there is no way to explain it without being diry. but yeah… it’s just someone being a weirdo.

    but it could be real if the girl has a 2-dimensional butt, upside down christmas bears on her bottom, and a strangely glowing private area…

  28. Sorry, but I think these images count as tricks or a hoax rather than as illusions. Clearly they have ALL been photoshopped to mislead the viewer into believing they are seeing things that never were. If someone used an image editor to fabricate an image of a UFO landed on the White House lawn, would you consider that to be an illusion or just a hoax?

    On final reflection, I consider these images to belong to a category that I would call “fake illusions”.

    1. umm yeah, this is an illusion, an illusion that tricks our minds to think something else, and things wasnt photo shoppedd

  29. the fruit and vegetable things on the right are like a man obeying the lamp. anyone noticed that? i saw the face when i looked upside down, even though the face isnt! weird…

  30. This picture originated at

    It IS a lamp.

    the ‘tattoo’ is actually a teddy bear on a shelf.

    The photographer isn’t exactly thrilled that no one is giving her credit.

  31. i have seriously one of the most perverted minds and me and my cousin argued for like an hour because she could just not see the thong in it and i could judt not see the lamp that it truely is and btw those of you who have seen the image and think its actualy a thong are wrong it was just a verry well photoshoped picture

  32. It would’ve taken me a day or two to see this,but I look at the answer…But I still couldn’t see it!Well,it’s better then not seeing the lamp…

    1. @subbylimation u idiot the text says READ THE TEXT before clicking that picture – its not fake the text says there has been used photoshop a bit too u idiot

  33. omfg ive been showing the first part to mates for years now calling them a dirty git for mistaking it. now this!

  34. Its acctuly a sunset with a glass covering the bottem because the glass is right next to the lens of the camera :)

  35. Ugh. Thats so disturbing. I’m 11 and I saw this in an ad. I was super sure it was a freakin’ lamp but eww…

  36. oh my freak… the tattoo is the grinch with his bag of presents… look and you see the santa hat first, then the grinches eyebrows and the bag. WHOA.

  37. comon guys its is a lamp. expand the picture the one where the chick shows. her butt is awkwardly shaped only because the lamp picture and the chicks pic have ben merged into one. who ever made this photoshop was either in a hurry or is not too good with ps.

  38. [img][/img] It’s not a lamp…

  39. It is fake, the twist. The first picture, the lamp’s shape is too uniform for it to actually be a thong.. And the colouring of the background is somewhat off for the twist actually be the true, since it will mean that the ‘background’ is closer to the camera than the ‘lamp’…

  40. It is a lamp, it is a lamp, it is a lamp. If you can’t see the difference in the two “pictures”….I’ve got this nice bridge in Brooklyn…cheap!

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