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  1. When is the showing of the next one?
    Is this a randomly-timed illusion generator?
    I wanna get me one. Or two if the price is right.

  2. I think this one was too easy to see — the ghost was the first thing I saw, before the grave, the trees, the ocean, or anything.

  3. F I skwint I think IC a giant mouse
    (or maybe a elfant)
    on the north end of the horizon.
    On the riteside

    He’s wearing a feather boa! OMG???

  4. I kinda see his horse staring him in the face. Did they die in battle together?

    What about “cheshire cat” up in the tree? Did he have a cat or cats?
    Do you know,sir?

  5. Cool. Look at the cheetah or leopard in the upper right. He be leaping down and to the right. His tail is near the top border and his head is near the right side.

    How much more is their? because I thought I seen a peacock or 2.

  6. I’m Bob. Believe it or not–and I barely can accept it–

    THE DEVIL is looking down and to the right at the very top of the picture straight above George Washington’s head.

    Maybe he went to hell?

  7. I have isolated at the top of the picture just to the right of the main upward branch … not a UFO. but …

    either Woodsey the Owl or a furry fat racoon.
    What say you, Bill O’Reilly

    Help us stop the spinning. How’s that for pithy?

  8. Does anyone else see the little chipmunk (maybe looking at the ghost) in the foreground of his right foot?

    And howsabout the ambiguous sexual act at the bottom right of the tree.
    It’s kinda scary i must say.
    Do I pass the Rorshach test?

  9. Is that a grave
    or a jumbo wall calendar
    showing it to be the 7th day of the month of Napoleon
    or maybe just the “fabled”
    Napoleonic calender.

    It’s got his name on it.

  10. This is one of the most obvious and dorkiest “illusions” around. The figure of Napolean hardly needs to be outlined in red, how can anyone miss it?

  11. I have found three faces in the tree leaves.
    Two look look like el diablo, and a third …
    looks a lot like Jerry Garcia.

    The one with the horns and goatee is in top right of the drawing down about a half inch and on the r. border.

    I wish you included a checklist next time.

    Horse head: almost nose to nose with the guy
    unfortunate passengers in the saddle: to the right
    the horse is going left

  13. I showed this to my friends and marvin says he found lots and lots of snakes in the trees. I think he’s sort of weird. I still haven’t found more than two of them so far.And I think I see some of the other hidden things people talked about, too.

  14. i have an optical ilusion book at home and its got about 30% of the illusions on this site and i allready know them. i dont like dat.

  15. I guess Ican kinda see a HORSE (his horse’s spirit is there, too?) near Napoleon’s head, in some leaves hanging from a branch. No legs, though, which brings me a lot of doubt…


  16. to me.. the leaves in between the gaps behind the “horse” looks like a woman.. with her hair back in a bun. wearing a dress (:

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