Liu Bolin’s Brick Wall Camouflage

Camouflage myself as a brick wall?! Sure, I could done that. No problem!” This is exactly what Liu Bolin thought to himself when this latest idea came to his mind. Check out the outcome of Liu’s newest camouflage set. At least it’s new for us; am not really positive when these photos were actually taken. Anywayz, try and spot Liu in each of the photos presented. Which one is the best, and which one do you think hasn’t turned out so nicely? Majority decides!

42 Replies to “Liu Bolin’s Brick Wall Camouflage”

  1. I think the two sets of stairs (photos 1 and 3) are the best. The random pile of bricks (final photo) isn’t as good as the others.

  2. Poorly made; sorry, but they used to be a lot better; like the tiger one, that was awesome.

  3. I love these illusions! The talent it takes is just great. My favorate(although they are all good), is the pile of bricks (the last one). The one I find least effective is number five, where he standing against the painted wall. These are true works of illusion art. Thanks again Vurdlak. Yes indeed, Yes indeed.

  4. I like the concept of the last one best, even tho the technique isn’t quite as good as some of the others … some of the black line are a little too thick

  5. Didn’t he just superimpose himself over the picture? Are you trying to say he painted himself and his clothes to match the surroundings? That’s a good way to fake a Ghost picture..

  6. I always enjoy these, though he’s always pretty easy to spot. The pile of bricks is the best one, in my opinion. The second one makes him look like a garden statue, so that’s good too. Great pictures.

  7. If I was a sniper and he was a target, he would be a dead man in each of these scenarios. I think visually they are very cool to look at, but as an effective camouflage, I think not.

  8. I think the third one is the best and the las tone is the least camoflouged. But still bloody good!

  9. the camourflage doesn’t really work in all the photos, but i like the second one because of the colour contrast well made, and also the last one because it is art

  10. These illusions were cool the first time, but seeing them as often as they’re posted gets really old, really quick

  11. I like the pile of bricks one best.. but the link from Casey to the bulldozer one’s even better!

  12. Wicked! :-) I like the bricks, although it is not exactly the most camouflaged, it almost looks….drawn; not like a real object anymore. Awesome!

  13. I must say – they’re all good. But if there is a favorite I would have to choose the first one (standing on the stairs). I also like the 5th one – despite the fact that many seem to find it the least attractive (can’t legislate taste, that is for sure!).

    Least favorites? Well, the coliseum (or ampitheater) just seems a bit banal to me, though the translucence effect is just as ethereal as the best. I also find the last one less satisfactory because (and here I agree with the other critics!) because of the thickness of the black lines.

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