28 Replies to “Life’s Too Short For The Wrong Job”

  1. That is just too cool and extremely talented I might add.
    I wish they had something like this where I live…

  2. I think this is outrageous.
    How can you think that its “cool” for someone to work in them confined & totally dangerous conditions for more than 8 hours a day.I bet they don,t even get minimum wage.What happens if they need a toilet break or something.

  3. tony….this isnt real
    they arnt really in there and if they were they would die…(correct me if im wrong anyone)
    but none the less i think it is really good photography and it would suk if anyone had to work in those,but they are only machines

  4. Yeah Tony, when everyone is saying “Cool” they just mean it’s a very effective concept…a brilliant idea to illustrate the perils, trials, and tribulations of living with the wrong job. :)

  5. lol there is a korean show and for 1 episode they put themselves in a coffee machine and after a while they come out and surprise them

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