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  1. one walking on beach, one is made of clouds, one in the greenery on the right (profile shot), one in the waves (apparently heading out to sea), one in the wave crashing on the rocks (heading towards you). That’s 5, any more, perhaps one upside down in the greenery?

  2. I agree with the kids. You R all slow, or blind. First time I looked at it closely I found 8. I’ll tell U where 2 find them. Start with the most obvious in the middle, plain as day. #2 on the left side, green sea wall. #3 in the clouds in the sky. #4 middle of the waves. #5 in the white water on the right. The rest, you may have to turn your screen upside down to see them. #6 on the red crap on the right hand side. #7 Violet seawall on the right. #8 look closly at the celing. I also thought I saw , at closer review, #9 inside the 1st horse on the left, but could be mistaken on that one.

  3. OK, I think I can see 6, but I CANNOT see the one that’s in the middle of the waves, going out to sea. Is that grey rock part of it?? ARGH!! Someone help…

  4. there are 8 horses one of them is hard to see cause it’s really tiny in the bottom right corner there is a tiny one.And there is another one on the top of the screen upside down it looks really cute!

  5. There r 9
    the first one is real obvious, #2 is on the right ans is the wall #3 is in the clouds #4 is the rock like thing heading out to sea #5 is in the wave crashing against hte rock #6 is small and below the red stuff on the right #7 is upside down in the purple stuff #8 is a head where the sun is flashing in (the eye) #9 is looking away from you and is to upside down to the left of #8

  6. I see a Mans Face too!!! (I think)

    On the Left Side. Under the Green Horse Face.

    (Everyone Mad About Illusions See Faces Everywhere)

  7. there are 4 obvious ones. the other two are on the right. one is at the top with the eagle for an eye. the other one is ducking its head down to the one in the surf. i have just this moment seen the one in the purple stuff.


  8. I swear i c 10 horses but so u know im not lying here they r…..1=obvious 2=one in the sea 3=one in the water that is splashing on shore 4=one on the left side in the green 5=one in the clouds that appears to be jumping 6=one that is upside down in the purple blotch on the right 7= this one is hard to find plz look closley. it is the biggest one there it appears to only show its face.In the top right corner start to go down do you see all that green??? it appears to be eating!! the purple blotch that was mentionedas number 6 is its ear sort of. Do you see it? it streches down allt he way and appars to eat!!!!!!!! 8=the red bloth is a horse 9= further off from that red is more red that is a head if u look closely 10= the one that is inside of the greenery(the bird in the back apears to be its eye) and its right next to horse number 7

  9. no one seems to have mentioned the one that is made up of the space above the seafoam horse, in outline. The sun is coming through across it’s face the bird makes up the eye, and even the crash of the waves makes up it’s front running foot.

    1. i only found three: the obvious one u can see in the middle, one in the clouds on the left and one in grass on the left

    1. now i do to, water, outline of bush, upside down purple part, cloud, real,in bush, and the space in the cliff thing and the outside of the pic

  10. I got 4
    the first is the actual horse
    2nd is the bush to the left
    3rd is the purple part of the bush on the right (upside down)
    4th is th eoutline of the bush

  11. I Found 6

    1.The Actual horse
    2.The Cloud ( look like ferrari )
    3.The bush to the left
    4.The purple part on the right ( Look it upside down )
    5.The wave near the purple part on the right
    6.The outline

  12. i found 7
    1. the actual horse
    2. part of the bush on the left
    3. next to 2 in the clouds
    4. the purple part of the bush on the right
    5. part of 4 is the nose of 5
    6. the splash of the wave under 4
    7. next to 6 in the little gap in the cliff

  13. The 8th horse is on the top of the actual horse,
    he is drowned on the water, his butt is the only one appearing…hahaha… LOL

  14. The 8th horse is on the top of the actual horse,
    he is drowned on the water, his butt is the only one appearing…haha… LOL

  15. i found here are clues :) to help im actualy 8 :) so i only spotted 8 sry :(:
    -the actual horse

    -the cloud.

    -the near side of the horse its like | | that far :).

    -the splashed water.

    -the but of the horse facing down right its the but of the horse i thing :) not sure.

    -down the splashed water

    -see the bird??? that is the eye of the horse :O

    -the near head of the horse thats the head of the horse facing down like eating grass

    -see the rock on the water??? thats a horse head.

    -the rock near the rock horse is a horse head

    this are actualy 9 XD Haha

  16. I got 6!

    1 one on the beach
    2 one in the green rocks
    3 one in the outline of the green rock
    4 one in the clouds
    5 one purple one upside-down
    6 one in the wave
    7? Apparently, there’s one in the grey rock?

  17. There are several more then eight. If you angle you monitor backwards you will see several horses clear as day.
    1 Ok one’s reared up in the clouds to the far left
    2 One’s jumping in the middle of the clouds
    3 One shows a face in the clouds utilizing the bird as an eye
    4 There is one just behind the #3 face in the clouds as you can see the main of both
    5 There is a purple that’s upside down to the left of the painting
    6 There’s a white horse splashing through the waves running towards us just left of the purple horse
    7 The obvious one standing on the beach
    8 One is very large in the bushes to the right
    9 One appears to be the rear of the horse reared up in the bushes to the far right
    9 One in the ocean which is dark
    10 There is also one which you can see if you adjust the exposure which shows a large horse face just under the large one in the sky. The sun rays sculpt the neck of the horse.

    If I had more then five minutes I imagine I may be able to find another one or two. Hard to say

  18. i got 6 and one possible horse – the traces on the sand suggest that either the white foamy one was walking backwards to the sea or there is horse outside the picture (below) or it is in the picture but is invisible

  19. i got 7
    1 actual horse
    2 a big one in the left-hand side bush
    3 upside down in the bush on the right
    4 in the clouds on its back legs
    5 the outline of the cave
    6 the one in the splash of the wave
    7 the one in the water that is just upove the actual horse…(hard to see that one)

  20. These are not proper illusions. Please reference the word in a respectable dictionary. This is more of a childs’ game…hiding recognisable images amongst everyday scenarios and landscapes.

    1. Go somewhere else if you dont like it.One of the best things about this site is everyone enjoys working together.We dont want parasites intruding.Go away!

  21. I got 4 :

    The obvious horse, The one in the clouds , The one in the bush , the one in the wave.. (to the right)..

  22. there is one upside down in the purple colored bush. Another that its face is the empty space left by the bush where the eye is the sunlight and the second eye is the tiny bird near the sunlight.

  23. @ promise me
    you are lying because there are only 7 because the illustrator who drew this, painted 7 horses in the picture.And also the painting is called 7 horses

  24. I found 6! The obvious one, one in the splash of the wave, one upside down as a pink bush, one in the clouds, one sort of carved out of the left wall and one with the sun as its eye kinda facing to the right

    1. I tried my best to see the last one with the sun but I couldn’t! Can you help me out as it’s a competition in my group?

  25. Well I Found 6 including the unhidden horse i also found a red eyed eagle’s head!!!You see a horse shaped bush in left down and theres red flowers down the flowers and thats the eagle

  26. Rico if you don’t like it or you feel like bashing someone go some where else where people WANT to be bashed other wise just shut up

  27. I think the question for us is…how many are we supposed to find?
    If we find that out, then we’d be able to figure it out.

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