Hidden Animals for the Millionth Time!

Through a little study I have learned that spot the object illusions like this one below receive highest rankings from my audience. I thought after a while you’ll become sick of them, but I forgot that you aren’t the ones that have to look at them daily for over 2 years. This is probably the reason you weren’t affected by them yet. Like the hidden horses, that were posted recently for the millionth time, this article bares the similar name. Only this time hidden animals are wolves and polar bears. Like we never talked about them earlier, yeah right. But there are some other “things” to spot if you look more closely. It shouldn’t be to hard after all experience we gathered. Do you bare with me on this one? My belief is that similar illusions are still popular because of search-game they involve, giving them some kind of “quest” atmosphere, as well as their artistic looks.

Oh, concerning yesterday’s post – I would like to thank Doug and the other person that shared info on Elance with me, helping me in my goal of hiring coworkers for this website. I still need few more answers on my questions from previous post. Anyone can help? Now go, and study this spot the object painting!

47 Replies to “Hidden Animals for the Millionth Time!”

  1. I don’t care how many times you post hidden animals, I still love them. The art is amazing and the landscape is beautiful.

  2. Neato – Cool – Haven’t tired of these yet.

    Love your site btw. Congrats on the 17m visitors.

    Hope your prospective ad team will keep it clean.

  3. i really like the big polar bear head, didn’t notice it at first and then gradually appeared. i spotted the wolves and man pretty quick. good post

  4. There is a sled team with 6 Huskies and the man behind the sled other than the Polar Bear. Now you can honestly say there are no wolves in this hidden picture.

  5. actually, i do get tired of the hidden picture things. this one is cool but i like the actual pictures of real life illusions better.

  6. i don’t see wolves…all i see is a pack of huskies pulling a sled with an eskimo man…i see one ploar bear. are there any more?

  7. Hey is Vurdlak your real name? Cuz it is way cool. By the way what does it mean? These illusions are beautiful.

  8. There’s also a bear cub hidden, if you look at the huskie on the bottom right of the sled team, look just a bit further to the right, and its standing on its 2 hind legs, with what looks like it trying to reach a tree branch of some sorts…

    Or I may just be crazy?

  9. I think the title of this illusion was on the right track, how many of these are there?!?
    They bore me.

  10. Hi All,

    I saw the sledding eskimo and the Huskies as all of you did before. There also is a real clear Polar bear right in the middle of the picture.

    But none of you has spot the YETI in the back raising his middle finger to us all. On the right just above the water.

    I guess he doesn’t like the hidden objects either.

    Greetings to all from Holland.

  11. Ok I see the huskies, the bear head, the crocodile and teh bear cub…
    But the horse end the Yeti???
    And what about that white and black bird on the lift side of the crocodile?

  12. i see a rider on a horse, a dragon, a dolphin, a lizard, and all da others. i aslo see either a guy picking up and hugging his dog or two ppl having sex, and u can see everything

  13. but now i’m da one who sent dat elephant face in a mountain pic…… y haven’t u put it on but u can accept ppls comments so quik?????

    I’M OUTRAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. If you look on the little island with no birds on it, it looks like a sheet of something and it looks like a car is under it…

  15. WHOA ive just been clicking random illusion a lot. So I came up with, “Hidden Horses for the Millionth Time!” then i click the random illusion button, and it came to, “Hidden Animals for the Millionth Time!

  16. Damn Kyle Metzger sure has a big opinion about what should be posted and what shouldn’t. No nudity, no hidden object images, what’s next? Wasn’t he complaining that children look at this site on a different illusion? Well kids love these illusions.

    I like this image and think it is a classic way to do an optical illusion. I don’t think you should stop posting these kind of images. Keep the variety on the page. I like that it is all types of illusions and that you continue to post classics.

  17. Speaking of elephants, there’s one right left of the polar bear. It has no eyes and it’s trunk ends in a shape of a woman’s fingernail.

  18. I saw a chicken wing and a drum stick in this picture.Very odd…I thought there was only hidden animals in this illusion.Not hidden food!!!

  19. no don’t stop posting hidden animal illusians they are the best! I especially like the hidden tiger one and the dolphins one.

  20. Um…5 wolves…5 obvious birds…some sort of a man with his hands in his pockets…the fin of a fish (SHARK HELP!)…hmm my imagination is going CRAZY! I see a woman with her head in a hand as if shes sad about something…oh and another fish I stink at these kinda games

  21. there is a pack of huskies with man driving em a polar bear and a whale up in clouds on the mountains

    1. in the polar bear head, look at the ear, you can see a human head, then look down, you can see the rest of the body

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