Creepy Optical Illusion

At first glance this picture looks like a peaceful scene. We see a young girl stopping to have herself a little snack with some apples. Her eyes downcast as she studies the apple in her hand, birds watching over head to see if there may be a snack for them as well. It is a print you might even consider hanging in your daughters nursery. A picture that she can look at before bed and imagine herself doing the same thing, a picnic in an orchard just before sunset. Sitting patiently under a tree waiting on you, her mother, to gather more apples and bring them to the blanket and you could enjoy a little family picnic.

However, not everything in this orchard is as it seems, which is why this is a creepy optical illusion. Take a closer look at the little girl, are her eyes downcast studying the apple, or are they closed in prayer as she feels something sinister is near. Now sit back and take in the entire picture, do you see that things are a bit different than your first perception of the image? The evil that is lurking in the trees, waiting, biding it’s time until it can strike. Now look even closer, is the little girl still just an innocent bystander or is she part of the greater evil? A way to lure you in to a false sense of peace so that you aren’t prepared for what is about to strike.

On second thought you may not want this creepy print hanging in your little girl’s nursery after all. Pictures like these help us realize what it is that might make a little kid afraid of sleeping in their dark room. Maybe they have noticed something in a picture that you haven’t before. All it takes is a little imagination to turn something that

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  1. Well, that was easy enough. But I never did see the mother waiting under the trees. Perhaps she was taken by the Lurker in the Trees, eh?
    Jim. ;-)

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