Mighty Optical Illusions

What is on a Man’s Mind?

I can not believe this old-school optical illusion managed to slip trough my hands, and avoided being posted until now. I just hope this won’t be offensive to you, rather interpreted as a joke. Moreover, it’s meaning is even more interesting, when you recognize the satire of Sigmund Freud’s teachings. Those of you who study Psychology, or have heard of Sigmund Freud (one of the fathers of psychology), will find this even more intriguing. In short, Freud propagated that the highest motivator in human beings – isn’t power, nor primary needs (food, sleep…). His beliefs were that sex is the main force that motivates men and women (meaning of life?). Here’s what Brazzles wrote in her submission (you should be aware she made a little mistake, and thought Freud was the author of this image ;)

“Hi I love your site and while I was on holiday, I saw this illusion on a t-shirt and found it quite funny, obviously the creators name is on the image (!?), and I’m pretty sure you don’t have it on your site, if you’d like to put it up, thank you”

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