Mighty Optical Illusions

Walk of Your Life Optical Illusion

Kurt found this photo on flickr and thought instantly of our community. He added: “At first I thought it was just a picture of someone’s shadow but it didn’t really make sense once I saw his feet in the picture and realized where the angle of the pic was taken from, and that with the feet in the picture, and where the sun shines and makes the shadow, the cameraman should be in the shot, right? Even if it was shot over his head, we should see it. Please let me know if you know how he took this picture, I’m stumped and it’s starting to bug me. Thanks.” Can we answer Kurt’s question? Let’s try. Today I found out the official date I’m arriving back to my hometown, Zagreb. You should expect daily updates after September the first. In the meantime few more illusions will be posted. Enjoy ;)

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