Mighty Optical Illusions

Vintage Quaker Oats Puzzle

As seen on Deceptology blog, company called Quaker Oats published an interesting advertising booklet way back in 1895. This vintage booklet contained 25 nursery rhymes, but more importantly there was a DIY optical illusion puzzle printed on its front cover. Might be interesting to know this item is now sold as vintage collectable (also known as “advertising ephemera”). But let’s jump straight to the point – How many packages can you count? Are there 6 or 7 or 14 packages present? What happens if you turn the puzzle upside-down? Anyone volunteers to explain? If you wish, you can also print it, cut a hole in the middle and put a pencil through it, making it interactive in real world. Who knows, maybe this little curiosity would represent a fun distraction for you and your school buddies. Anyway, when you solve this one – head next to somewhat more complex puzzles. One involves a mad scientist and his soccer team, and the other missing eggs and boulders!

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