Mighty Optical Illusions

Trippy Pulsating Color Illusion

We’ve had some pretty funky and trippy optical illusions here on Mighty Optical Illusions in the past, and I hope to add to that collection today. This green and pink pulsating color illusion was enough to completely mesmerize me for a few moments this morning…

You’d swear this was a moving image, wouldn’t you? Like a moving GIF or video? But, it’s not! This pulsating color illusion just seems like it’s moving.

In fact, the bright pink and green in this pulsating color illusion just seem to be out of control, at least to me! The entire image seems to move when you’re looking straight at it and when you’re looking at it from the corner of your eye. For some really crazy movement, move your eyes slowly over the image. Don’t stare at it for too long, though, or you might start to feel a bit queasy…

If this pulsating color illusion really got to you, you might not want to check out this colorful expanding trippy illusion!

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