Mighty Optical Illusions

Spinning Bullseyes Optical Illusion

I haven’t posted a moving optical illusion in a little while. Oh, wait—yes I have. Oh well! What do you think? It’s a good day to make your eyes go wonky isn’t it? I thought so!

Today, we have a fun spinning bullseyes optical illusion for your viewing pleasure! When you look at this image it looks as if the bullseyes are rotating around the squares. If you can’t see the spinning bullseyes optical illusion right away, try moving your eyes slowly back and forth across the image.

Can you see the spinning bullseyes optical illusion here? Do the two sets of bullseyes look like they’re spinning away from each other or toward each other? Of course, they’re not really spinning at all. The design and color of this spinning bullseyes optical illusion just tricks your brain and give the illusion of movement. If you really don’t believe that this is a still image, try placing your mouse or finger on one of the bullseyes. You’ll see that it never strays from its original position, as it is indeed standing still!

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