Mighty Optical Illusions

Same Size Squares Optical Illusion

This is an optical illusion that has been around for quite some time, but it always gives people problems, because this optical illusion is definitely a brain teaser and it easily frustrates people. Basically, you will want to look at the two squares in the image below. Now that you’re looking at the two squares, you have to ask yourself whether or not you think these two squares are the same size as each other. As you can see, it looks like one square was cut out and placed to the right of the other square. As you stare at the two squares side-by-side, do they look as if they’re the same size? Different people have different answers when it comes to this brain teaser optical illusion. Some people don’t believe the square was cut from the original image and some people think that a particular square is bigger than the other. Look at the image below and let us know what you think.

So, what do you think about the optical illusion above? Were the two squares you see above the same size as each other or was one square bigger than the other? I told you in the beginning that this was not going to be an easy optical illusion. This optical illusion has been debated time and time again by people that all have conflicting answers. However, I’m going to give you the definitive answer right now… Yes, both of the squares pictured above are the exact same size. There is no different in the actual size of the squares. So, there you have it. You finally know the answer to this brain teasing optical illusion.

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