Mighty Optical Illusions

Pirate Ship Optical Illusion

Happy Humpy Day! Well things are now all downhill from here, which should be a relief to some of you because it means that you have made it this far and the weekend is only a couple of days away. Thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean series of movies, being a pirate is more popular than ever. Who wouldn’t love to be on a big ship on the open sea for months on end just enjoying that kind of life that promises to be filled with lots of action and adventure? A pirate ship is the subject of today’s optical illusion, but there is something different about this pirate ship, can you see it?

If you can see the hidden object, be sure and comment all about it. Ready to see something else that may or may not be there? Check out this illusion with some hanging laundry, and do you see something in the red shirt? There are two things in this red shirt that are sure to surprise you, and once again, we ask for you to comment to let us know if you were able to see those two special illusions. Good luck and have a happy Wednesday!

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