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Moving Guitar Reflection Illusion

If you’re an optical illusion lover, chances are you’ve already seen the guitar reflection optical illusion with trees and moon the reflecting on the water to form the shape of a guitar. That’s a pretty cool illusion, but Kovács just sent an even cooler version of this guitar reflection illusion to the Mighty Optical Illusion Facebook page! Kovács seems like a pretty cool and fun guy, and he’s one of our readers that regularly submits all types of fun images that he finds around the Interwebs. I should really make a user submitted illusions section on the site, don’t you think?

This guitar illusion is a moving GIF…

It looks a lot like the original guitar illusion, but someone created this one to make it seem like the water was rippling ever so gently. I really think that this adds a nice little touch to this illusion. It would make a great background or screensaver, if it continues to move after you save it. Of course, it wouldn’t work well for prints or photographs, though.

I’d love to get more people to start rating the morning illusions on the site, so if you’re stopping by, be sure to give this illusion a quick rating with the stars below. Your ratings—good and bad—help us figure out which illusions everyone likes. If a particular illusion gets low ratings, I usually try to stay away from similar illusions in the future. That way, you guys only see the types of illusions that you like!

You can also check out the original version of this guitar reflection illusion HERE!

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