Mighty Optical Illusions

Crazy Circle Spinning Illusion

Finally Friday, y’all! The weekend is almost upon us! To celebrate the end of the work week, I have a pretty awesome spinning illusion that was actually created and sent in by Nathan one of our readers.

Just made this and it appears that the segments flash or catch “light”. Sometimes it looks almost like they spin. Not sure if it’s just me or if everyone will see it.

I wasn’t disappointed in the least either! Take a look at Nathan’s illusion…

I’d say that it definitely wasn’t just him! This is definitely a spinning illusion for me. The segments do seem to rotating clockwise when I look at this. So much so, that it makes me a little dizzy just looking at it. That’s what makes a fantastic illusion, though, I think!

Great job, Nathan, and thanks so much for sharing!

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